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Can Anyone Really Tell the Difference?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by djdasher, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Hello Good People,

    I've smoked off and on for years. I've been given all sorts of strains. There is so much written on how each strain is different etc. To me, their seems to be two types of weed: good weed and bad weed. How many of the folks on this forum can tell a difference in strains? If I'm not enjoying weed to it's fullest, someone please turn me on to how to develop the ability to tell the difference in strains.

    Thank you,
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  2. I can't tell all from each other. But I can taste and smell the difference between kush, haze, type strains. As for effects, personally if it's a good sativa it is slightly more mental feeling; creative thinking, wanting to wander etc. a heavy indica makes my muscles relax and heavy eyed.

    Could all be in my head though. Lol
  3. That's an american thing, def... Round here, you ask for weed, you either get good shit or bad shit, you dont get names...
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  4. For every strain I have tried I have a log of the effects and a personal review of it. I solidify the log after 3+ sessions, and I write the review after 5+ sessions. Being someone who uses a different strain every time (I have small stashes of 10+ strains) I really do think the strain makes a huge difference. Certain strains I like much better than others. My question is, do you focus on how you feel while you're high or do you focus on what you see/are doing? The difference is there you just have to notice it.
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  5. I definitely have noticed the difference between strains as long as they aren't hybrids.

    Seems like almost everything is a hybrid on the black market and a pure indica or sativa are hard to find. This leads many people to think that all weed is the same as the effects are the same. I really wish growers would go for certain effects rather than the fastest grow time.
  6. I can definitely tell the difference in strains but mostly when it comes between indica and sativa, they both hit me in very different ways. But a Sativa vs a Sativa I probably won't be able to tell huge differences other than smell and taste.
  7. That makes perfect sense to me. Seems that all of the strains are a mixture. I'd love to try some straight Indica or Sativa. Are these pure strains available in seeds. Not sure that I've even ever seen one. Great reply.
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  8. Shit, I can always tell a distinct difference between the various herbs I smoke. Sometimes, back in the days of being stuck with one type of mids/reggie, that stuff would all run together although it did vary at times between Indica and Sativa. If you start talking about various types of top-shelf though, then it at least to me seems all vastly unique and different from one strain to the next. Since there are multiple levels of differences that can occur, it drives what makes trying so many varieties so fun.

  9. there is a definite differences in tastes of cannabis from strain, to strain. most people will not be able to tell the difference though unless they are familiar with both strains and have been smoking, and probably growing those specific ones for a while. as far as people getting a random strain from a dealer and being like ya man thats sour d thats a bunch of horse shit. if you want to be able to tell what strain is what by looking at it. or smoking it/ then you really need to grow it. your practices, and the general taste smell size, and looks of the plants will carry on through harvest to harvest. another grower growing out the same strain will most likely have vary different results. for example i used to grow a Big bud, and norther lights cross. generally the plant would have large fan leaves that normally come from a strong indica, but my friend who is growing the same cross though from a different breeder is having his fan leaves be a good bit thinner, and look a lot more like a sativa. a random person smoking random weed from his dealer can not tell what the strain is. if i pour you 5 glasses of beer and ask you to tell me which brand they all came from your not going to be able to tell me. unless you happen to brew, or exclusively drink one or more of the brands. as far as differences between Indica, and sativa. though not 100% of the time. Indica tend to produce more bushy plants with broad fan leaves, while sativa like to produce taller ones with smaller fan leaves. Indica also generally creates a more couch lock ,and sleepy feeling while a sativa is more light headed floaty. most strains now days are hybrids, and there are vary few if any pure strains. that is because breeders take the desired traits from both types of strains, and bread those together while weeding out the undesired effects. such as mutation in a plant or the typically smaller yield from stativa's, and the relatively slower growth of Indica. there is a lot more to it, and as legalization continues it's constant march forward the differences will be come more and more prevalent. in the end though unless you want to grow cannabis, and get into breeding and stuff like that. it really doesn't matter at all. and you are enjoying your cannabis no less then every other person.

    also a LOT of people use differences in weed as an excuse to act like a snob about it. when in the end it's about getting stoned, and having a good time.
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  10. Its subtle in most cases but yeah, two polar opposite strains.. (so to speak) should feel a little bit different. Still thc youre consuming in the end so it wont be night and day
  11. Placebo!

    There might be differences like indica and sativa, and then the different ratios of it being in the hybrid, so I don't think names mean jack shit.

    I've been smoking a long time. Doesn't matter what you pack me, i feel the same predictable high
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  12. Not gunna front but I just high. I always get racing thoughts and a minor body high no matter the strain
  13. i can tell for sure

    some highs are really clear headed and race-y, you just feel like getting up and going for a walk. Your vision is really trippy and you get the spins for a few min, but it's still very medicating. Strains like ak-47 and lemon haze are a good example.
    heavy indica strains just make you kind of melt into the couch, you feel drowsy and calm, just wanna watch tv and eat food. Bubba kush or purple kush are good examples.

    as for taste, you can def. tell some are grassy and sweet, others are oily and skunky
  14. Without a doubt. take one hit - don't get totally stoned and you can see, feel taste the difference. But if you get blasted it's like trying to tell the difference in beer after two 6 packs - ain't gonna work.

    I can tell the difference in two nameless street shit. Like wine and beer, you need to actually notice. not gulp down and think it will magically come to you.
  15. I'd like to see a double blind test to see if people can tell the diff between Sativa and Indica. I've grown both and tried to tell the difference in feels but they both give me the same high. Some strains taste and smell different, though. I think THC=THC.
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  16. I think I can tell sativa vs. indica/hybrid

    Was on a kick of lost coast hash plant(hybrid) 26% for a couple weeks, loved it. Dispo ran out but got a green crack in at 28%(sativa) after smoking 2 grams in 2 days it just wasn't doing it for me.

    Just picked up Jazz(hybrid) 25% and it gives me that same high I was looking for that I tried getting through the GC

    The average toker prob can't tell but I think if someone has smoked enough different strains and knowing what they were you can find correlation to the high you are trying to achieve and the high you actually get.
  17. It's complicated even more because of pheno's I'm running two different LSD pheno's that are nothing alike, so it would be hard for me to try someone else LSD and correctly identify it by strain, so to be able to pick up a bag and smoke it then know exactly what it was would be near impossible, but I've got about six different plants I've grown for a year and I can tell you which one is just by looking at it. Don't know if that helps, guess I'm saying you'd have to be very well acquainted with a strain to do that will success

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  18. Sativa strains don't last me nearly as long as indica or indica dominant hybrid strains.
  19. You should post your log! I'm really interested on your take on the strains. I've always wanted to do that but never really had the time. But for sure you should post it!!!!!

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