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Can anyone please tell me what is DRAG???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Oracle, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Sorry but English is my 3rd language so if anyone can explain i would be grateful.
  2. n fluid dynamics, drag (sometimes called fluid resistance) is the force that resists the movement of a solid object through a fluid (a liquid or gas). The most familiar form of drag is made up of friction forces, which act parallel to the object's surface, plus pressure forces, which act in a direction perpendicular to the object's surface. For a solid object moving through a fluid, the drag is the component of the net aerodynamic or hydrodynamic force acting in the direction of the movement. The component perpendicular to this direction is considered lift. Therefore drag acts to oppose the motion of the object, and in a powered vehicle it is overcome by thrust.

    or just a toke
  3. wtf man can anyone explain it in a simple way?
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  4. its kinda like the measure of friction against an object moving through a fluid (gas or liquid) i think
  5. you sound confident.
  6. Drag is how hard you have to inhale to pull the smoke through the different percolators in the piece. Basically, a straight tube with an ash catcher and no percs will have a lot less drag than a triple perc'd tube with an ash catcher because you have to inhale harder on the triple perc'd one to pull the smoke through.
  7. sorry for tryin my best dog i got you a fuckin excerpt from a dictionary so fuck yourself
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  8. got it thanks
  9. wow lol what an idiot -rep

    "Seasoned Tokers Been puffin' for a while? This spot is for our experienced smokers...."

    if you dont know then dont post....

    The Bishop - thank you very much for clarifying +rep for you!
  10. No problem man. :)
  11. Dude leave him the fuck alone. .. hell you're the one askin the question so how the fuck are YOU a seasoned toker... hate when I see lil bitches like this. nobody gives a fuck about the rep system, go get a life and stop talkin shit over an internet forum.

    Edit: chubbler fuck that little fag I'll bring you out the red rep when I can.. already spread out too much today.

    lol and Oracle go ahead and --rep me it'll make my day lol! seein' as how doin' that effects me or my rep in no way whatsoever.
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  12. hm well im sure that drag relates to more than just smoking weed. Its a force that applies tons of things not just smoking. I guess im not seasoned enough because i dont relate 100 percent of things to weed.
  13. another smartass.
    i speak 3 languages, how many do you speak?
  14. speaking different languages has nothing to do with your intelligence.
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  15. considering you are posting on weed related forum...

    which focuses on...

    wait wait here it comes.....

  16. He was just tryna help you. STFU. Nobody likes people like that here one more fuckin' bullshit word out of you and you're gone.
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  17. Your an expert bro im sorry.
  18. lol go smoke a bowl and relax....what a prick.
  19. it's YOU'RE :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: :laughing::laughing:

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