Can anyone name this piece?

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  1. Hey all, I have a Percolator and seen this pretty cool attachment that I can't seem to find anywhere. If anyone could tell me what it is called and possibly where to find one it would be awesome! The piece I am looking for is NOT the Percolator, but the glass pipe that can hook up to it.

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  2. It's called a j hook, black leaf makes them, there are many others too.

    That specific one idk, you'd have to call the Chinese embassy to find out for that one lol.

    edit: I call the other piece an ashcatcher or a precooler not a percolator
  3. made by china, its a jhook with a tree perc ash catcher/precooler
  4. Awesome, thank you guys for the fast response:D
  5. Among black leaf, weedstar also makes one. The blackleaf one is 3.2mm thick and weedstar is 5mm thick, or if you gotta lotta dolla, you can get a blown one
  6. Toro offers ash catchers with a mouth piece attachment. About $200 and one of the best a/c around
  7. Wouldn't that basically make it a bubbler? Sorry if that's a stupid question.
  8. Yes.                         
  9. It's a percolator it's put on certain bong like roors to pre-filter the smoke and catch ash and keep your bong a little cleaner

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