Can anyone lucid dream?

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  1. I am so fascinated by this subject. I mean think about you could fly across the ocean, lift buildings up, shoot laser beams, fly through space! Punch a best buy guy, steal a TV then throw it 500 yards. I mean the possibilites are fucking endless. Can anyone lucid dream and explain to me what its like or what you have done?

  2. lmao so random
  3. I lucid dream. Now I'm starting to get into astral projection, its even more fun

  4. I wish I could do both. But no luck. Have no clue how to go about it.
  5. Iv lucid dreamed a fee times when I was younger, and to this day have trippy dreams. Not so much lucid anymore.

    Attempted astral projection and it felt like I was lifting out of myself, but didn't have much other luck with that either. Oh well :/
  6. i have a couple times. first time was shortly after my brother was telling me about it. they are very vivid. another was when i thought i had woken up to a very bright light in my room ive never seen anything so bright i thought i was awake i was tryin to tell my girl the light was blinding me to actually wake up again mumbling its blinding me she then tells me she was having very dark dreams and she was telling me she kept seeing evil faces flashing in her dreams. she was scared to sleep when she finally fell asleep she felt of ease and thats when i had woken her up with my bright light experience.
    i dont know if that falls in the category of lucid dreaming but thats a story for you.
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    Had one lucid dream after doing a morning astral-projection technique. Instead of AP I had a lucid dream and I will just copy-paste what I wrote in another forum the morning after I dreamt this shit. It was awesome!

    Here it is:

    Okay, words cannot describe what I just experienced. First of all, I am not one of those guys to just make things up or to paint them all pink or anything, I will tell you EXACTLY what happened.

    So, I was asleep and I woke up. I am currently using a technique for astral projection that is basically this - when u wake up u go back to your dream or dreamstate without moving (at least not much) and then your astral body and physical body separate just like when u dream. So just after waking up the connection is not strong so you can easily manipulate it. That's exactly what I did. So when I felt that detachment i rolled over with my asrtal body (that's the technique) and it worked for the first time in my life. This is when it gets extremely fucking interesting.

    I went to the end of my room and I looked at my body - it was CARTOON!!! Hahaha it was more cartoon and more vivid than I can EVER imagine, it was like living in a cartoon. I have never ever experienced something like this but I have watched a short clip on youtube that describes lucid dreaming and it was EXACTLY like they say it, EXACTLY!!! So, I thought it was pretty strange that everything was cartoon because in astral projection you are in real time, at least at the beginning, and it can't be cartoon at all. Now I realise that it was lucid dreaming but when I looked at my body I just felt strange and didn't get why everything was cartoon, I just enjoyed it. It's interesting to say that just prior to going to sleep I talked to a friend of mine about lucid dreaming and he gave me advices and shit. He told me I should levitate things and I told him that I will levitate bitches on my cock. I wonder how cartoon those bitches would've been had I thought of it.

    So I crumbled outside my block through the balcony and I just did a spiderman descent on the wall, like a bug, ya know. I started flying around and there were cartoon cars and people and all kinds of vivid world. It was 100% vivid and real for me, I was living in it, amazing! The cartoon people looked a bit like Fandango but not really skulls, just sort of like them. One was hit by a car and I laughed I think. I was having lots of fun just flying around and I entered a building. In this building I saw many superheroes fighting with eachother and flying. I remember Batman and Spiderman very well. It was like a big empty tower full of floors and I remember experimenting with my superpowers. First, I received a few hits by someone and he was doing something to my foot. I think it was Batman or someone looking like him but it wasn't very pleasant. So I was like "now it's my turn". I saw Spiderman standing on a floor and someone told me to drop him, I think it was Batman, so I did it - I made a hole in the floor and Spiderman dropped on the next floor lol. I heard big laughter. Then, I went on the lower floor where Spiderman was again sitting so I decided to just make a small hole big enough to make his body a bit uncomfortable but not really leading to the lower floor. I did it with my mind powers and it instantly made the hole and I remember Spiderman just looking at me like "WTF, man?!?" It was a hilarious moment.

    I experimented a bit more with my powers and flying and I remembered that I needed to remember this astral projection (not realising that it wasn't AP) so I began using a technique in AP to think of my body and repeat my success saying "I astral projected" many times. This is done so that you don't fall asleep after reentering your body and forget everything. It would be a pity. So, suddenly I reentered my body and I woke up. The first thing I did was to go tell my mom about it. She was in the kitchen with a few friends of mine cooking something. I waited for her to stop talking but it never happened, they just kept on talking forever. The next thing I know - I woke up for real. I was like "Holy SHIT, what did just happen?!?!? I wrote everything down on a piece of paper and couldn't believe what I just experienced. Then I started analysing why it was cartoon and chills went down my spine when I remembered this clip:


    The only difference was that the cartoon wasn't fluid-like, but it was exactly the type of cartoon as in the clip. My face was the same type of cartoon but other people's faces on the streets were more like a mixture between Grim Fandango and South Park (the canadians in SP). Unfortunately, I was a ginger cartoon boy in my dream even though I am nothing like ginger at all in real life. I looked like this
    but with a different hairstyle and had a few freckles. My grandmother has a doll that is 100% like my cartoon-self lol.
    The interesting thing is that I am making my own product (like the one on the clip). I've been taking it for like a week straight and I already had a failed attempt of AP two mornings ago when I moved with my astral body but did not exit my physical body and now this crazy motherfucking cartoon lucid dream. I had never had a more lucid, in control and vivid dream in my whole life. It's 8:53AM here and I haven't slept much but I am pumped, this shit was intense and crazy. Damn, I should've fucked a few cartoon characters but whatever, Fandango bitches weren't really my type. I've read a few blogs on here on lucid dreaming and I will search for them to see similarities but guys, please, tell me if you have experienced anything like this - a cartoon lucid dream. I am gonna shit some bricks now. Bye.
  8. Lucid dreamin is fun and easy. Some quick research will show you many of the techniques used to achieve them. Your rem sleep cycle is when dreams occur and mj effects your rem sleep. This is why many people have crazy ass dreams on a t break or after not smoking. You may need to cut back or quit for best results. But everyone's diffrent.
    Most important part is a dream journal. You need to rember your dreams in order to remember a lucid one. Again a quick search will give greater detail. The method that worked best for me is writing two letter A's on the backs or palms of you hands. Whenever you notice the letters question weather you are dreaming or not. This will become a habit and carry over to your dreams. While dreaming if you see the letters you will begin to question if your dreaming or not and simply test will show you. If you see no letters then you will still question weather your dreaming or not.
    There are tons of test for weather your dreaming or not. The best one for me was trying to put my index finger through the palm of the opposite hand. In a dream your finger will go through. Also practice practice.
    There is a lucid dreaming and astral projection guide on the forums. Can't rember the ops name but tons of good info there. Good luck op.
  9. Ive been trying, ill post when i finally do
  10. I have a lucid dream like everynight. Welcome to my life

    My all time favorite lucid dreams were a zombie appacolypse, in Valhalla on halo 3 as master chief, and my favorite was when I realized in the dream i was asleep, I was in my house, I walked outside and started to fly. It was the craziest rush i've ever felt
  11. MY friend lucid dreams everynight and when he explains what he expirences it sounds insane. He says using Idozer makes his dreams alot more vivid Im looking forward to tryin it sound dope:hello:
  12. I've had a few lucid dreams here and there, same with astral projection...Those are two things that I want to try to master, but it's very challenging =\

    Not to thread jack, but if there are any tips, that'd be great.
  13. I doser sucks. You just need one wild ass imagination.
  14. I can lucid dream if i get lucky. Usually know that i'm dreaming but it's usually a bad dream so i just fight back or kill people.
  15. I love lucid dreaming. You wont believe how many times i fucked this chick lmfao. Married a super model too. And my dad snuck me into a bar when i was 5?? Haha idk crazy
  16. The MAIN THING YOU NEED TO DO. Are triggers to realize ur dreaming. Like if its always 42@ in ur dreams or it theres always a yellow polka dot bikini. The easiest way to do it is to. Write a capitol A on your hand in sharpie. And go through the day asking urself if ur dreaming. That way it becomes second nature and u do it in ur dream. Youll notice ur dreaming if u look down. Deffinetely. Atleast youll notice something weird aboht ur hands or feet. Now to controll your dream. When u realize ur dreaming youll start to wake up. Spin in a circle 5 times or faceplant the ground. 1 that keeps u sleeping. 2 u can teleport anywhere. Doing this. So much fun
  17. I've had one once or twice...basically the dream i was dreaming was so bizzare(i was asleep soundly, woke up and went right back to sleep that's when this happend) that i realized i was in a dream and DIDN't wake up. At this point i was like consciously thinking things and i woke up shortly after, didnt get a chance to do much.
    But indeed the possibilities are endless, i'd like to have lucid dreams all the time but haven't had one since then.
  18. Once you are able to discern when you are dreaming or not you can pretty much do as you please in the dream or you can force yourself awake. It does take practice to massively manipulate the dream world but it's worth it. I have had a few dreams where i built entire cities.
  19. When I take breaks from smoking weed I often have dreams where I fly. Sometimes only I can fly, other times everybody in my dream can fly. It's so lucid I can feel the wind in my face but I don't get an adrenaline rush from it, like it's so natural for me to be flying it just aint no thang. Sometimes I like to quit smoking JUST for the flying dreams. But it goes away after the more days I go without weed. I wish I had more control over these dreams..
  20. haha one time i put myself in the position of being a spy in russia. holy shit i did kungfu shit i never thot possible :p it was amazing and so adrenaline filled like i was in a movie

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