Can anyone indentify a marijuana plant by looking at it?I trying to find out the strain of this plan

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Vishall.r, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Impossible.
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  2. No way to tell the strain. Indica versus sativa as it gets older. That's just about it. Looks like yours is leaning towards indica, but still too early to tell.
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  3. I can identify weed.

    Yup, you got one!!!

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  4. Fat, stubby, finger leafs, Christmas tree shape = Indica
    Narrow, long, skinny finger leafs. Huge, towering 20 ft tall plant = Sativa.

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  5. Afghani #1 by seedsman back in the early 1994's

    its the most popular afgani in your hood

    good luck
  6. Any seed can look like either itself, (a mix of the parents), or look like the mother, or look like the father. 3 seeds from the same plant can grow to look like 3 different strains. Or they could look the same. Welcome to the genetic lottery. First grow was all same strain (to keep it simple) and only 2 actually looked like sisters. All good, but looks can't really tell strain.
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  7. Spanish trampoline.....
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  8. I think that's one of them pot plants

    Can e bus er somtin like far.

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  9. Jane Doe OG
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    Baby pot plant with bugs on the leaves. I'd think more about dealing with the bugs.
    Looks like you set it in a weedy garden bed with a tomato plant. You really should rethink your plant placement and bed maintenance.
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  11. Look hon, there are HUNDREDS of varieties of cannabis and likely MILLIONS of crosses. Unless you have a really weird variety, say like "Vanilluna" (vanilla scent and variegated leaves) or "Australian Ducksfoot" with its weird leaves, no one can ID your plant even in person! About as far as anyone can go is that your plant is a fat-leafed indica.

    And as far as names go, they don't mean anything a lot of the time. Breeders and dealers often slap a fancy name on their "no name" cannabis to help it sell better. The "Tangie" you get from one source may have nothing in common to the "Tangie" from another source, except for a citrusy smell!

    Please forgive the other blades for teasing you about your question :poke:, but we do get this unanswerable question at least once a month! Just keep reading the "Grow" sections and learn more about this amazing plant!

    And check this out for more info on just about everything related to cannabis- New January 2021 Granny's List

    Granny :wave:
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  12. Granny that was awesome! It IS a common question, but I figure if you can't ask it here, where can you?
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  13. I know what that is


    It's quite clearly fucking blue dream x ultimate x ak-47 x green crack x OG kush x super lemon haze

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