Can anyone Identify this weed?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by jpotts, Dec 5, 2002.


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  1. Can anyone tell me what strain of marijuana this is or looks like?

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  2. a very well trimmed indica bud....apart from that? No.
  3. So this bud is indica?! What are the defining characteristics of an indica bud v. a sativa bud
  4. I find it humorous that the only kind of bud I can find where I live is Indica. Isn't Indica a more rare sought after bud while Sativa is more common. Is this correct? I know that naturally Indica only grows in very harsh climates that have a high elevation. Well, actually now that I think about it Colorado's climate does lend itself to the natural qualities of Indica.

  5. i wouldnt say that indicas are that sought after.. my sacks are mostly either indica or an i/s cross.. every once in a while a get a sativa, and i like it more because it doesnt instantly knock me the fuck out like a dank indie will
  6. ya i definitely look for the lighter high especially when im in the real world and not the safety of my home... thats where the trippy killer chron is for...
  7. who cares what type it is as long as it gets ya high. i voted kb
  8. i bet it was citrusy smelling
  9. I saw this same bud in Overgrow the other day.Still don`t know what it is.
  10. me would say orange bud :p
    looks fine anyway

  11. ya its mainly indica i prefer sativa because of the head high i get from it, although i will smoke just about any bud
  12. Looks like the nugs in the cup. Hmmm...

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  13. Where did that image come from?
  14. An old High Times mag, maybe 5 or 6 years. It was a photo issue and the cup-o-nugs was one of my favorites pics so I scanned it. Just thought your bud might be a similar strain. They both share some common characteristics, like being dense, kinda the same color/texture and elongated instead of round. Those buds were from somewhere in Northern Cali if I remember correctly, maybe Mendocino area....?

    Good Puffin To Ya!

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  15. They need to have more budshots like that one in the new hightimes. I believe in the last issue they said that the March issue will have loads of budshots.

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