Can anyone identify this plant?

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  1. Hello!
    I'm reposting this here since the gardening section doesn't get much traffic so I apologize for double posting this. I'm really curious to what this plant is and hope someone here can help.
    I was gifted a few fresh cuttings from an older gentleman off one of his house plants and was hoping to get help identifying it. He doesn't know what kind of plant it is but said he brought it with him 20 years ago from Korea. There is a white sap that comes out of the leaves or shoots. A lot comes out of the leaves. He gave me one large cutting that is green and has red spots on all the leaves and the other was much smaller but mostly red with a little green. They are supposedly from the same plant and look very similar. Even the white sap in the leaves and shoots but the colors are different. The large one I cut into smaller cuttings and are doing great. The red one I left as one piece for now since it was smaller. As the red one grows the new growth comes out green but turns red over time. That's really all the info I have. Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Have you seen the fully developed plant that the cuttings were taken from? I'm curious about the shape of the leaf specifically.
  3. Only in pictures and not the best quality ones either. He has it in a hanging basket from some heavy duty chains because it's a big plant. It looker like it grows like an ivy. Hangs and then grows back upwards and makes big loops. The last picture showing the plant with a lot of large leaves is how the leaves looked on his mother plant(s).
  4. Okay - not the plant I was thinking of given the shape of the leaves in your photos...
  5. Thank you for taking the time to try and help identify this plant.
  6. Not sure but it looks somewhat like a money tree plant.
    My best advice to you is to take it to your county's extension office and see if a Master Gardener can take a look at it. That's what they (we) do. We do plant ID all the time at my extension office through the use of dichotomous keys. It sometimes takes a day or two bur we are usually successful.
    Without having the plant up close and personal to view various plant parts, it's hard to ID through pictures.
  8. that seems to be a jegcmtjtkrfjidf..AKA looks like  hybrid eastern Pitasporine.

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