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Can anyone identify this for me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mighnash13, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. i know but what strain?
  2. go to apprentice tokers if u got a question like that, i see posts with that title all the time in that forum so maybe u might get better responses or realize that its almost impossible to put a name on a strain just from a pic on this website
  3. they should make rule number one of the forums be STOP ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO IDENTIFY RANDOMS STRAINS
  4. no we cant identify it for you, it doesn't look bad and it doesn't look good. Would I pay 15.00 for it? No
  5. It looks to me like weed sitting on a wood table. But then again it might be play-dough. hmm.
  6. uhh iono man looks like weed to me? maybe some pine shavings? or a hamster toking a gravity bong? HOLY SHIT! IS THAT MICHAEL BOLTON OVER THERE!!!?!?!? BY THE BAR!!!?
  7. That sir is a small amount of low quality cannabis
  8. you cant identify weed just by looking at it over the internet
  9. looks like some low grade bomb lol.
    i wouldnt have payed $15 for that :confused_2:
  10. Its "moss" not sure what the "technical" name for it is,
    But thats what its called in my area.

    And, it aint a good smoke "/

    If its wet its known as "woss" hahaha.

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