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  1. SO i had a massive spidermite infestation indoors. one plant has bites all over it but my biggest on was still doing great. very little effect even though it had some mites on it. so I sprayed them with deluted bleach water and washed them off, then someone said to use garlic and dishsoap and wash. wellI did all that and now my biggest plant witht the most buds and that was doing the best is now dieing fast... idk if it'll make it through the night. I began fluching the pot thinking maybe some bleach water or garlic soap water might have got in there. they have been flowering for over a month around 6 weeks prolly. could the plant just be almost done? the other three took the washing fine. they are all in the same state withouth the mites. no signs of stress too much.

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  2. I really wish I could help more with this, but I've never personally had to deal with spider mites.

    If you are absolutly sure that the mites are gone, and you flushed the containers, just keep going and see if she recovers. It's really the only advice I can give, you might try another part of the forums for sick plants and see if you can get more help.
  3. Could the temp of the water I showerd it with or amount be a problem. I damn near drowned my plants for a good part of the day. not the soil though. I covered it mostly. some run-off may have gotten in but not much. Immediatly after I gave them a light feeding of ff tiger bloom. I just started using the mutes after multiple flushings of the Oragnic MG soil. The plant in jeopardy was consuming the most water i had to give it 1-2 gallons twice a week.

    I recently turned off half of my flourescen t-12 5500K light and now have 14 100w (23w) 2700k CFLs with 320 watts 5500k t-12

    should i cut off some of the dieing leaves or just see what happens next? Its like its dieing in front of my eyes. it's worse than an hour ago it seems.

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  4. well you know sometimes this happens and it really sucks cuz you put your hard work into growing a big plant and now bugs fucked everything up
    it looks like its gonna die, but mj i think is a pretty strong plant so cut the leaves off that are more than half dead
    thats what i would do , but sometimes its too late
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    83 degrees is a great way to get spider miths !! Try to stay around 75 degrees

    Simple suggestion. If you used only 1, 250w hps lights might just be a little easier to grow ;)
  6. Grab some Fox Farm's Don't Bug Me. I had some bugs, sprayed yesterday and its looking better now already.
  7. as far as the garlic recipe goes ya need to add cinnamon to it. there is a py ethrum spray works awsome. mites love hot and dry enviroments so drop your temp and and raise your rh. sprayin the leaves daily at first after first treatment will help discourage the bugs. after first 2 or 3 tratment keep a close eye cause they will sneek up on ya. good luck

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