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  1. My plant is in foxfarm soil under 450w led(200 true watts). Temps 75-84deg, humidity 40-55%, water is ph 5.8-6.5, using half strength of Adnavnce nutritents. The plant looks and is acting healthy, buts very bushy in the center and the leaves are crispy. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. You either gave it too much nutes too early or its too close to the light.
    Or its a deficiency.

    upload pics
  3. I gave it 1/2 strength of nutes like a week ago. Nothing but ph water since. I've got a plant under the same light in a DWC and it's really healthy.

  4. I'd flush her next watering... definitely don't feed again until she starts to lighten up and show a slight deficiency.

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  5. When you say flush, how much water do I use? I'm in 3 gallon pots.
  6. Just water with normal water and use a lil extra. Make sure it drains though, if it doesn't drain right youre gonna kill your plant.
  7. Flush with 3x your pot size so 3x3=9 gallons run through. NOT just a little extra. Regular watering should have some runoff.

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  8. Should I do it now?
  9. after I flush the plant, how long do I wait to start watering it again?
  10. Always wait until it's pretty dry. You should be able to feel nothing/ very little weight when you pick up your plant.

    Soak it until good runoff
    Let it dry out (3-5 days usually)
    Soak it
    Let it dry out....

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  11. Thanks man! Unfortunately that plant was a male, so I had to toss it :(

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