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  1. Hey everyone what's up and how's it going? These are my blueberry and lui clones. They were rooted about 3 weeks ago and were vegging up intil about 3 days ago. Just yesterday i started to see these things starting to appear on the edges of the big fan leaves, i wouldn't exactly call them spots but they are sort of whitish yellowish and it almost seems like they are burnt, but they aren't. I am using a promix that is only supposed to have a small amout of nutes for the first 3 weeks of growth. I havent' feed them anything yet and i have also tried bringing my ph down to the corrct level and this still doesn't work, Can anyone tell me what is causing this? Any help would greatly be appriciated.... peace to everyone and keep up the fight....

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  2. If you are using a promix with nutes then you are feeding it, nutes=ferts=food. What was your pH before, what is it now, and what did you do to lower it?
  3. I know I am feeding it when using promix, but only for so long, after I see signs of them needing food is when I start feeding them.the ph was about 7.5 brought it down to 6.8 using a citric acid based solution. The grow I feed them is FoxFarm Grow big,EC reading is about 1.1, been using this for years and I love it, never had a problem with it..I just recently changed to this brand of promix, couldn't get to my favorite store so I had to buy this (promix) from a local nursery.
  4. Hey project,
    I think with your ph being so high you were locking out potassium, calcium or maybe both. Keep your ph at 6.8 where it is now and you she not see any other leaves become affected.
  5. Do you think there is a possibility that they could be burnt from the light? I have never seen them burnt like that and believe me I have burnt alot of Maybe a heat buildup? Also when I foliar feed what is the best ph level to have it at?
  6. Can you back off and take some pictures of the entire plant say maybe shooting it from above. If you see the spots on the tops of the plants by the lights then yes, there is a possibility that the light is bleaching them out. I was actually thinking that when I first saw that but the PH seemed more likely. What kind of light you using? Also, my recommendation on foliar spraying is do NOT do it. It really in not necessary unless you have a nutrient deficiency, bugs or spraying recently cut clones. Other than that, don't spray them.
  7. Doesn't look like a heat burn to me, but take VTEC's advice and snap more pics. I haven't seen this particular pattern before but does look like some kind of nutrient problem. What's interesting is that they are getting yellow blotches near the edges but not all the way out to the edges -- the very edges of the leaves are still green.
  8. Hey guys what's up, I am using a 1000 watt HPS with a sunmast bulb. I snapped these photo's this morning, It doesn't seem to be getting any worse now that I backed the light off a little. But I still don't think that it was the problem but who knows? I have never seen this or experienced a problem like this one and I have been gardening for a while. I just want to let you guys know that I am very thankful for the help your giving me and I really appriciate it...

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  9. I believe its caused by roots getting too dry. I run hydro, and that happens every grow when my roots clog the system. Also, high temps could be a factor as well. I'll get ya' a pic in a sec! hope Ihelped some:eek: , T.Bug
  10. these are in soil, I really don't think that it is caused buy the roots getting to dry because I have let my plants completely shrivel up and then watered and that never happed once in the 6 years I have been doing this, I just don't understand my waters ph is 6.8 my ec level is 1.0-1.2 and the plants were flushed with plain water and then a LITE feeding, it really doesnt seem that hot in there I would say about at the highest is 90 and if it was being burnt by the light wouldn't the tops be burnt? O ya when this happened on the last crop some of the leaves would twist around and look all messed up????????sometimes the colors would look like big blotches on the leaves, It effected all the leaves but didn't touch any of the flowers
  11. What is the PH of the soil itself now?
    It looks like light bleaching because it is on the tops. How far is your 1000 watter from the canopy? The back off of the light I think was smart.
  12. the ph of the soil is 7.0 And the bulb is about 18 inches from the top of the canopy...
  13. Nah its a nitro def. Get some nitro in them suckers. I had the same problem, fixed it easily.
  14. hey dude I think that you might be right, I fed the some grow and they don't seem to be getting any worse? I wonder why it's doing that i mean ususally when their lacking nitro they usually start yellowing, maybe it's because the was such a lack of nutes so quickely. Let's see if it works? another quick question? Has anyone grown any of these strains? LUI ( legends ultimate indica), Dr. Atomic's BBxNL, AK-47? if anyone has do they have any tips on likes of dislikes of these strains? I have been growning ak for about a year and I think that it's amazing but I don't exactly Like the high, TOOO High but people seem to love it? The LUI is amazing it is covered with crystals and the thing I cant believe is how dense it is, let me tell you that this stuff is as hard as a rock when it gets done, my clones that were flowered in a 6 inch tiny pot and the weight when I chopped it was 130 g, dried it wieghed 66g, to me that's amazing because I got over 2 z's from 1 tiny plant ( they were flowered in the pots you see in the pics) smells like a skunks a-hole LoL, defenitly a power house! The Doc atomic's is probably the most beautiful plant I have ever seen, i got 3 different pheno's off 6 beens, all amazing but one truly stands out as being dense as hell and the colors are amazing you can see hazes of purple and blue, and when you break it up it smells like mushed up fresh blueberries.... the ak smells just like cherry luden's cough drops, the ak and bbxnl smell so good that it makes you was say forget smokin them I wanna eat them but then you think about how good the high is and how great they taste it makes this whole thing worth while.. I just wanted to say to everyone on here that if we all stick together then they (THE MAN) can't bring us all down and remember (POWER IS GREATER IN NUMBERS) and keep growing ever day of your life! Gardening has taught me how to be a better person and that's all there is too it!!!! Thanks for all the help, you guys have been great.......:hello:

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