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  1. Can I harvest the Top 2 buds or it will damege the plant? I thing lower buds are not getting enough light.. Please Comment..


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  2. Yes you can harvest your top 2 and let the rest finish maturing
  3. yes you can
  4. yes you can. but why would you want to. whole plant has a lot of growing left to do.let the whole thing mature. then harvest the whole plant. just my opinion.
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    that is no where near ready.......just bend and anchor the top to promote under this...pic 1 is straight up....2nd&3rd pics are after being bent...

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  6. Agreed. No where close to being ready to harvest
  7. That poor plant looks like it's starving in every way possible. 
    Your plant is growing in the shade and also in what looks to be impermeable clay ground!
    If I'm wrong please correct me!

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