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Can Anyone Help Me Identify My Strains?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skitzo Smokes, May 23, 2013.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    So, I bought these for 15 a gram, and I have no idea what strain they are, but I really want to know. Any ideas guys?

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    you can't tell by pictures the only sure fire way is to know the grow or gotten it from a reputable dispensary but if it makes you feel i decree that it shall be named purple grass
  3. xD, I'm not a legal user sadly, cannabis is still illegal here in FL. If I buy purp though it's usually entirely purple, or mostly purple, I've never seen bud that had random spots of purple, so it really peaked my interests. 
  4. and the top one shall be called wild thornberry
  5. @[member="Skitzo Smokes"] i have had a few harvest with bits of purple it happens alot of time as a result of under watering or something going wrong looks like so good stuff great bag appeal so count it as a win
  6. Looks like the God's Gift I just picked up..
  7. Anyone can tell from the pic that it's durban poision.
  8. First one is Taco Supreme Kush second one is 08 Miley Cyrus OG nice stuff nice stuff 
  9. Durbaannnn is fire haha.
  10. crack rock...
  11. No one can tell from just a picture dude... People need to stop asking "what strain is this" and "Does this look like an 8th" before I go ape shit on someone.
  12. If you have a smart phone, try the "flyleaf" app
  13. Figured someone could give me somewhat of an idea. I won't be asking about weight, I can eyeball bud down to the point. I always throw it on the scale just incase though.
  14. Nobody can tell you and comparing it to strains on an index like the guy a couple posts up said won't do much if anything. If it's dank just smoke it and enjoy don't worry about the strain.
  15. @[member="Skitzo Smokes"] don't worry about it dude some people are rather hostile with questions like since we get at lest 5 of these threads a day you can see how that would be some what annoying but w/e the best thing to do now is post a smoke report
  16. Im not tryin to be a dick man lol. There are seriously at least 6 of these threads a day... Strains arnt always the same anyway. I had some green crack today that had so many hairs that I couldnt see the bright green color. Didnt even look like green crack. 
  17. Time and time again we have to say "you can't identify strains by pictures" but it looks good I can tell you that much.

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