Can anyone help identify this plant for me?

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  1. Hello!
    I was gifted a few fresh cuttings from an older gentleman off one of his house plants and was hoping to get help identifying it. He doesn't know what kind of plant it is but said he brought it with him 20 years ago from Korea. He told me his friend thinks it is medicinal because of the white sap that comes out of the leaves or shoots. A lot comes out of the leaves. He gave me one large cutting that is green and has red spots on all the leaves and the other was much smaller but mostly red with a little green. They are supposedly from the same plant and look very similar. Even the white sap in the leaves and shoots but the colors are different. The large one I cut into smaller cuttings and are doing great. The red one I left as one piece for now since it was smaller. As the red one grows the new growth comes out green but turns red over time. That's really all the info I have. Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's a picture of the red one
    New growth on red plant
    Shot of some of the red hues
    One of the green plant cuttings
    This was the newest growth of the large green cutting. Only lost one leaf
    Here's some of the sap
  2. sorry bro no idea lol almost thought some kind of rubber plant ? how do you post shit on this site so people can give advice ? plz let me know thanks
  3. Posting on a more popular part of the forums may help. Hardly anybody browses the Gardening area :(
    I've never seen that plant before, but there's a lot of great minds over at the Organic Growing section, you'll likely get more replies there:
  4. Yeah I was thinking about posting it in another section with more traffic but I didn't want to post in a section it didn't pertain to. General gardening I thought would be the best place but you're right. I'll give it a few days and I'll repost in the organic section. I'll get more/better pictures to hopefully help. Thank you for the tip!

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