Can anyone explain this ??, my first grow so I'm clueless about it !! (PICS)

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  1. Hi

    I have a mature flowering White Widow plant that I started growing outside and then moved indoors to flower, I just went to check on hows she's doing and found a little pod under one of the smaller heads toward the bottom of the plant, it has split open and there is what appears to be a perfectly formed little brown seed inside it, I've looked over the rest of the entire plant really carefully but can't another anywhere, I've took a couple of pics, there not perfect but I have a old digi camera, but you can make it out OK, can anyone tell me whats going on with that, has the plant gone a tiny bit "Hermie"?, if I keep that seed will it more than lightly be a female ?.
    I've also put some pics of the heads up aswell for anyone who's interested in looking, she's got awile to go yet, but coming on nicely I think, let me know what you think, its my first grow so any input from anyone is good for me. :D

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  2. I don't know but your plant looks hella stressed out.
  3. uhmm, in wot way ??, as I said I'm abit of a n00b at this growing stuff, so if you tell me in wot way you mean it would be helpful.;)
  4. 3rd pick down. Severe leaf curling how close is your light and what temp/humidity?
  5. oh, well temp in room is fine, but the plant is abit big for room and I admit its not ideal, I was gonna complete the whole life cycle outside, but I live in UK so I wanted to bring her in to finish her, just in case of an early frost, so I got a grow tent so I can grow some out of season aswell as finishing her off, I've tied her back as much as I can, no part of the plant is nearer than 10 inches to the lamp, I did wonder if if those leaves looked right myself, thought it may have been to do with changing from natural light to a lamp, I have knowhere else to set up the lamp in my house so it will have to finish in there now, heads are smelling really nice, there sticky as hell and growing fast now, so I'm gonna have to take the gamble on it coming out OK, thanks for your input.

    Still totally curious about wot that lone seed is all about
  6. Im really not sure what that thing is, but theres a good way to find out if you germinate it and grow it and it turns out too be another plant then you know but it looks really odd to me.
  7. @valleyhempz

    I know what you mean about it looking strange, I would have thought that a seed would form in the head, not just stuck there in the middle of knowhere:confused:, dunno if you can make it out from the pic, but just under the bud is a single pistil hair sticking out, looks weird as hell

    I've removed the bud and opened it right up and there was indeed a perfectly formed, good size brown seed in there, looks just like every other cannabis seed I've ever seen, will have to grow it and see wot it is, perhaps it will be a giant Beanstalk :p
  8. ya it really is in the middle of know where, im assuming your plant is a hermie which isnt bad but that seed you have will more then likely turn hermie and if you have a plant thats a true female by the plant thats a hermie the true female will have femmed seeds which is good for future grows that way you know you have 99% females
  9. The leaves curling up like that is almost always due to heat. You say your temps are fine.... Where are you taking the temp reading? In the room or canopy level? I've only seen leaves curl up like that under 85 degree F or higher temps.
  10. Yer, I think your both right about the heat, been up there for last hour doing yet more pulling and tying back, if I had somewhere else in the house to put the thing I would, but I'm afraid I have'nt so its gotta stay in the hut, that pic is of the heads directly under the light, the edge of the plant is fine, leaves are flat and less leathery looking, I've borrowed a friends spare bulb, a 400w Sylvania Grolux dual spectrum bulb, was using my 600w HPS, so hoping this may reduce the heat levels abit, moved my thermometer from middle of hut to nearer the top so I get a more true reading of the heat levels near the lamp, never shall I let a plant get this big again, 6 feet tall when I put in the tent, still its better than leaving it outside in UK weather this time of year, I may not get a perfect yield or crop from this plant, but would have proberly have got less outside here, starting to get fairly cold already, about 10 last night, down to 8-9 tonight, how messed up our weather is these days in the UK we will proberly be under snow next week

    Just out of interest what is the ideal distance for a 600w HPS light to be from the top of the plant, I've read somewhere its 12 to 18 inches, is that correct ??
  11. i havnt had much dealings with hps but i believe if you put you palm down and let the light hit the top of your hand and if it stings the lights too close and then go a couple inches lower then the spot it does not sting since there could be nice growth one night, but from what ive heard 12-18 inches sounds right
  12. Well about 11 inches is the best I can get in my room with this plant, if I tie and pull it anymore somethings gonna snap, then I'll snap :mad:

    Amazing how everthing in life comes down to getting those extra couple of inches :rolleyes::p

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