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Can anyone chime in with some STRAIN IDENTIFICATION opinions? **MACROS**

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NJSourD, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I don't expect anyone to know what this is just from my description and pictures, but maybe someone has picked this up recently--and unlike me were enlightened with the name of the strain. I'm simply just interested.

    It has the typical diesel taste, with a tiny mild secondary taste reminiscent of herrer/haze, and is just a little more candy'ish than usual for diesel.

    It smells heavily of a footlocker store; the heavy, heavy aroma of brand new sneakers. That smell is also combined with a very typical sour diesel smell, but lighter in that it won't stick up the entire house, just the room and the immediate surroundings.




  2. those are some of the largest thrichomes I have ever seen.

    That is just amazing, I have never seen a strain with trichs that big
  3. idk but that looks sexy
  4. Definatly Sour Diesel x NL #5 :rolleyes:

  5. That was actually one of the strains i was debating upon...why the roll eyes? because it was obvious, or what am i missing? :smoking:
  6. It's almost near impossible to identify a strain after it has been cured or even if it is still on the branch.

    I'd be fucking shocked if it was actualy Sour D x NL #5 :laughing:

    But who knows, it very well could be.

  7. Gotcha. I am aware of the near impossibility of identifying strains here on GC, but like i said in my disclaimer up top, i don't expect anyone to randomly know what it is by visual or description alone; i expect someone who maybe has had a pickup that resembled my images and descriptions combined to lend a helping opinion. Anyway, you're right, who knows? Hopefully some angel of information.

  8. It's called Nike... and the slogan is "Just Toke It" lol im baked
  9. I've been calling it "Reebok Diesel" to friends.
  10. Because nobody can tell from a picture. Hell, it's hard enough to tell if you can hold/taste/smoke the bud. So many strain names are practially just made up and slapped on an existing strain to begin with, and there are so many variations even within a strain depending on the seed bank one gets it from, etc.

    It just can't be done, and anyone who tells you they CAN identify a strain over the Internet...well let's just say I want some of what they are smoking :smoking:
  11. Its very possible to ID a strain by smell / taste. I picked up some stuff last week, this kid I go through in a tight spot told me it was "MOB" or "Money over bitches," I opened the bag after I got it took a wiff and I immediately said, "Purple," my friend sitting next to me opened the bag and said the same thing. We got back to my crib and it we looked at it, it smelled exactly like it was Purple Kush but it didn't seem to have any Purple on it so I said whatever. Well about 2 days later I broke open one of the nugs and a boom, there was a ton of purple on the inside, checked a couple others and sure enough they all had it, you just need a pretty bright light so you can tell. But it was very clear. So you can id something by smell.
  12. looks like diesel or haze. it has skinny stems which are common in sativa dominat plants. it reminds me alot of sour d. but in order for it to be sour d it should have that distinctive taste. nonetheless that shit looks dank
  13. It looks fucking beautiful, whatever it is.
  14. Looks like Sour Diesel.
  15. That is really wierd because I just had a pickup of some bud that looked different but smelled indentical to your description.
  16. maybe he keeps his sour d in a brand new shoe
  17. It's pretty obviously a relative of Sour Diesel. If it looks and smells like diesel (it looks a lot like diesel) then that's a pretty safe assumption. Diesel has a very distinct taste and an even more distinct smell.

    I was getting a strain called "Sour Blend" for a while from NY, which is supposedly a cross of SD and something else. I kind of just assumed it was haze, because it's the only sativa strain legendary enough to cross with SD. My stuff was airier, had larger nugs and had more leaf coverage. If you want any pictures I could probably dig some up for you.
  18. You go Oldskooler. That was funny.
  19. #19 NJSourD, Feb 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2009
    I absolutely loathed the idea of people treating this is as an opportunity to paraphrase common sense information that has already been beaten to death on this forum. I just quoted myself twice with what i had said earlier in this thread with statements that i thought would have helped lead away from such generic comments, not to mention the addition of this being in the seasoned toker's section...but maybe the third time will be a charm. Instead of going into again, i will just direct what i would have written to the above two quotes. Anyway, while i agree with what you said...again, what i was looking for was at the least a fakename listed by a couple of customers or growers with non-conflicting opinions....or someone to say "hey, this strain called ____ typically smells like shoes, maybe it's a cross, friend". Then that would have satisfied me for a day.

    That's probably not too far fetched.

    I agree fully.

    It's funny cause i actually trimmed the leaves because they made the nug look a lot crappier, and the small nugs were little hatchlings from one massive nugget...maybe it is one and the same. I should have kept it original for the picture, it would have definitely helped with identification...but i wanted her to look perty. I assumed this was a haze cross too, from my experience.
  20. Hey NJ, I think its Sweet Haze, i also posted this in ur delivery pickup thread, of course I can't be certain but you're very close to NYC and this stuff has been going around quite a bit. My two cents

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