Can ANYONE answer this question about pizza?

Discussion in 'General' started by jacktown, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Why does virtually every pizzeria offer anchovies, even though no one ever orders them? Really, a ton of pizza places have it on the menu. What gives?
  2. for the same reason mcdonalds doesnt serve breakfast all day

    to fucking piss everyone off
  3. They're cheap and last forever
  4. Because anchovies are fucking gross, go figure.
  5. I'm sure there's a small percentage of people who do order them. Damn now I want a veggie lovers.
  6. I figure someone orders them.
  7. Obviously people order them. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense for pizzerias to keep anchovies in stock.

  8. I only condone their existence due to worcestershire sauce and cesar salad, other than that, i see no use for them dead or alive lol
  9. It's sooo salty!

    Not my thing.
  10. People probably ask for all kinds of random things on thier puizza, like rice or apples, but they dont keep that stuff in stock. Just seems like it was a piza trend like 30 years ago, and when the trend died they forgot to update thier menus. Honestly, I'd rather have something like shrimp on a pizza than anchovies....

  11. shrimp in a calzone is fucking boss
  12. Anchovies are one of the largest sources of omega 3 fatty acids in fish.

  13. [ame=]The more you know - YouTube[/ame]
  14. I like them

    /minority opinion

  15. Embrace it, ya fuckin' weirdo
    haha jk ;)
  16. its like people who cook pizza rolls in the mircowave n not the oven its just weird.....
  17. Good question. I am a pizza connoisseur but I cannot answer this question. I guess having options is always a good thing, even though it's not a popular one. I think anchovies can last forever in their jars/cans, so its no skin off the pizzeria's nose.
  18. people order them all the time when i worked at 2 different papa johnsses
  19. I'm no fan of Papa Johns but I do love that butter garlic dipping sauce!!! NOMNOMNOMNOM

    Being from NY I don't usually eat from fast food pizza joints, but they are great for their toppings. I think more fast food pizza eaters enjoy anchovies than people who order from real pizzeria's
  20. according to my friends a lot of indians order that shit, they all work at dominos hahah

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