Can anybody tell me what was in this pill?

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  1. Ok so the other week me and 3 of my friends all bought 8 PURPLE TRANSFORMER pills and we all headed to the nearest amusement park for one hell of a time. Ive done E before twice, snorted one time(mehhh) and parachuted another time (YAY). But this time totally blue my socks off. Im around 150lbs 5'7 and i took two pills this time more then ive ever done. So we get to the park around 4 or so, we all parachute the pills and head inside. Around 30 minutes later i start to feel something but cant really explain it and we go on a ride, we are waiting in line and im starting to come up QUICK and its getting very fucking strong (hell yea). The ride is insane to me i coudlnt believe how fucking amazing the seats felt (they were very uncomfortable sober). Once i got off the ride i don't know why but i gaged a little bit in a trash can(lol) and then im fucking freaking out for a bit because shit was getting extremely overwhelming. I got over the scary feeling for a bit and was just in pure bliss, but i still wasn't peaking yet. Walking to the next ride i was starting to peak (i think). I could barley keep my eyes open at this point, looking around the colors were extremely vivid and stood out like a mother. Then it was still getting stronger, at this point i didnt even know where i was going, i started walking off just to nowhere for no reason, i couldnt think about anything except the incredible feeling was experiencing. My freinds walk up too me telling me to stop and that i was wayyyyyy to obvious and that people are noticing me and looking at me all wierd. I had no idea at the time but i was chattering like a mother fucker and walking towards an closed area that was behind a roller coaster. They were littering dragin me along with them, at the time i couldnt control myself at all and didnt really care either. We went on a log ride where we all sit in a line near each other, how incredible that felt omg. Once we got off some kdis came up to us and told us that we shoudlnt do e becasue its really bad and shit, i didnt care but w/e. So fast foward around 40 minutes later, i crashed super fucking bad, my thoughts were all over the place like a broken window, i was feeling sooooooo bad. Luckily we had a lot of weed waiting in the car and that help for the time being. I went home and just fucking slept for hours and hours. Woke up teh next day feeling so drained of everything, didnt do anything all day but smoke with same ppl i rolled with. For two days or so i was in an extreme depression state, i coudlnt really think positivly about anything at all. Ok so the question i have is, does anybod know what was in this e pill from what i described? This roll felt ALOT differnt from my previous parachuting expereince which i felt much more of a vibration effect than this time. In fact i ddint fell that at all. Sorry if i rambled alot im really stoned and im dying to know what was in this pill just for future notice and im curoious.

    omg i have so many red marks, sry too lazy to corrrect them ;)
  2. It's called PCP N I G G A.
  3. The reason why you feel depressed after rolling is because MDMA triggers your serotonin receptors and tells them to produce an ample amount of it, in a short amount of time. This leaves you drained of serotonin for 2-5 days. Serotonin is the chemical process that makes you feel happiness and overall well being. The first two pills most likely were bunk pills. What you experienced sounds exactly like good old e to me. Sounds like you just got two good pills.
  4. Well the thing is the other time i parachuted it had some similarities to this, such as distorted vision in a similar way and the euphoric feelings were similar, just no vivid colors or anything near this time. And i was getting vibrations and shit, thats really all i can remember from that time, but it definitely wasn't BUNK pills, i mean it was still very incredible, just this time fucking was a trillion times better.

    I also thought that is it was pills then the MDMA has to be cut with something else. I thought only pure MDMA was in capsule form or something.

    But yea ecstasy is the fucking shit!!!!!!!!
  5. shit just talking to my friend apparently they were blue moon men or something like that, he picked them up and crushed it up, i never actually saw them
  6. To be honest, just sounds like you had a really intense roll.
  7. It definitely doesn't sound like PCP.

    There are a few red transformers in my DEA book that look the same. They aren't round but shaped like a head. Here what it lists-

    1- MDMA

    2- MDA + 2CB

    3- MDMA + Caffeine + Unknown
  8. I heard a lot of the transformers have ketamine and MDA

  9. I understand that lol, but i just am dying to know what substances were in it, if its even possible to actually tell from what i described, and like i said guys i was totally wrong on the purple transformers.

    They were blue with astronauts or some shit on them. But yea i cant believe two pills did this to me, and i paid $12 per pill. I was going to get 3, but thank God i didnt lol.
  10. Lol its a quote from wayne brady.

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