Can anybody suggest some really good books to read for me to expand my mind?

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by MrWillyWanker, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. i wanna read something that is thought provoking and interesting. Something that makes me think. Can anybody suggest some books that might fit into this category?

  2. start with something that will really stimulate the imagination...i think that would be the first step. check out space by michener and the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by douglas adams, they are both very entertaining and vivid.

    then check out carlos castanada, some very amazing spiritual stuff.

    when i go into a bookstore i spend most of my time in the religion, and history sections. some of the most thought provoking subjects for myself are wars, religions, and space. just go to a library and look around, in no time you will have an armful of books you want to read.

    also, look into music from the 60s. get a list of the bands that played woodstock, they had some really amazing things to say.

    expanding your mind is something very personal, reading will give you ideas, but youve got to do alot of thinking and observing. once you get started you wont stop. and dont be suprised when your whole world changes. one day you will wake up and feel different. everything will be different. thats when you will start searching for yourself, but thats a whole different subject
  3. Right now I'm in the middle of the Ender series of books by Orson Scott Card. It features many sci-fi elements as well as a lot of theology but without pushing any particular point of view. It's one of the few sci-fi stories I've read that I could take seriously. The first book in the series is 'Ender's Game'. That book doesn't really represent Card's overall style however.

  4. one of my favorite books is Tom wolfes The electric kool-aid acid test..if you want a book that will literally take you from the spot you are sitting and make you feel like you were 'on the bus' painted in day-glo, tripping and acting out in the 60s, youll wanna pick this one up. i think I got a contact high from just reading it. defiantly a good read.
    I agree with fume on the bands thing though, artists of that era stood for so much, they had a lot of unique and powerful things to say..I think thatll be my next kind of book myself...santana always interested me..
  5. i know this probably wasn't what you were thinking of in a response... but i'd suggest the Bible (King James Version)... now, before you write it off, this book is garaunteed to provoke a lot of thoughts... you might even find yourself questioning a lot of your beliefs. just so you know, it's 100% historically accurate (meaning they can prove all the battles and such happened that it says happened)... there's also never been a legitimate contradiction found in it.
  6. right now i'm in the middle of the celestine prophecy by james redfield.the 9 insights into life itself. really good book if your into that sorta thing
  7. One good book i've just read lately is Running from safety by Richard Bach. some others are Island and brave new world by aldous huxley. hmmm whats else? Ah "Media Unlimited"by Todd Gitlin, a little heavy but for the mind that can't stop analyzing this book helps to eaze the load. The bible is good reading. "The Matrix and Philosophy"
    "The art of Dreaming" and "The active side of Infinity" by carlos Castanada are a must, just keep an open mind when reading them.
    If anyone has some interesting books they've read putem out there.

  8. its fun to see how far off modern religin is from the realaity that is printed in the bible...and to see how they have taken such simple ideas and turned them into enuff bulshit to drive most inteligent people away

    and no one has mentioned ...piers anthony....everything he has riten is worth reading!

    and benttly little should read "the ignored"

    very good book!

  9. i agree. although, there are some churches that are basically like "ok. this is what the Bible says... this is how we're gonna do it." ... the Bible says go soul winning, they go soul winning... the Bible says to be a light to the world, they do their best to be that light. now, because they're human (juse like you and me) they do mess up... but i guess the point i'm trying to make is they don't add all their man made rules, and all the other BS. they take what the Word says, and they go from there.
  10. I'd suggest stuff by Timothy Leary (Chaos and Cybeculture for example) now now I know what your thinking "wait a minute, that's the LSD guru of the sixties" yes he is but he has very interesting opinions and views of our world these days, it's not hippy trippy sunshine stuff but there's interesting views in history and human race.

    Second I'd recommend some HC-Sci-fi: Asimow, Gibson, Baxter, Huxley, Hesse.... there's so much stuff in there that it forces you to think about stuff, it may be boring at the beginning but after you've read the book you found yourself thinking about the universe and the world in a completley different ways.

    Third Fairy tales: Neil Gaimans books are modern fairy tales and I found solitude and peace while reading them, they gave me an dream like view to the world and I haven't been too serious about 'modern day issues' after reading them, they give imagination an good rush.
  11. Didn't see anybody mention my favorite author, Chuck Palahniuk. He's the author of Fight Club. If you've seen the movie, read the book, it's so much better. Also try Survivor: The Novel. Along the same lines as Fight Club, but better. I'm also in the middle of his newest novel, Lullaby. So far it's pretty good, but not as good as Survivor. Palahniuk's novels really make you think....
  12. I recommend the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo..and anything by Carlso Castando...and the Abarat by Clive Barker..
  13. try apology by Plato
    but then again if you're in this forum you have almost certainly read it anyway so never mind
  14. The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien

    This book is about the creation of middle earth...thousands of years before LOTR takes place....VERY good book if you can remember all the names. There are a lot of people/elves/Valar names in here to remember.
  15. The Golden Ratio by Mario Livio

    The Mystery of the Crystal skulls by .... i forget who.

    1984 by ... Orwel ... i think
    and animal farm if you never read it... or alternativly WATCH one flew over the cuckoos nest. thinly vailed deap depth.

    Stephen Hawkings book... i forget what it's called. havn't read much of it yet, but you can tell from the off its gonna blow yer mind.

    and the Giant book of mensa puzzles. heehee. sounds like im jokin, but it will actually make yourself push your brain power.

    two others i reccomend but may not expand too many horrizons are The Rum Diaries and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson. for a more mind expanding Thompson read i've heard On the Campaign Trail is quite good.

    heehee... i make myself to sound like some literary genius...
    barely read two dozen books in my life!
  16. any book by raymond E. Feist...his older ones anyway.
  17. my first reaction to a post. THE BIBLE WTF. but its true it is history in words. jesus was a man whom walked the earth and had hors was his feet.

    "1984" that is a good read. you could really see how it could be a possibel future if britin falled to the nazis. you can even compare it to usa society.
  18. "A Brave New World". great book. anything by aldous huxley is good. biographies and try to learn something from who you are reading about. i read one about gandhi recently...and i learned a lot. most people don't realize it but gandhi was a badass.

    "The Republic" by Plato. kind of hard to read....and i'm still working on it. my friend definately reccomends it, and if you want to read something to make you think...what better to read than something written by the worlds most famous thinkers!!

  19. "Icy Sparks"

    this is not really a spiritual book, but it does deal with a young girls struggle with an undiagnoised disorder and religious beliefs.

    this is the first book in forever that has made me cry at the end.
  20. some great suggestions here. some i know, some i'll be following up.

    here's my reccomendation (off the top of my head, i'm sure i know more/better):

    The Ten Dimensional Maze.

    say hi to koogy for me, and pick me up one o those andromedan bettel nut crunch bars... whatever their full name is. ;) hehehe. took me ages to read just because you have to stop every once in a while or you feel like you'll go mad.

    Sophies World.

    no book i've ever picked up had so many thoughts bursting through my head. except perhaps city in the stars.

    oh, and maybe something by clifford a pickover, terrence mckenna or doreen virtue.

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