Can anybody recommend me some easy to use nutes?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Moosieman, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Easy to apply/ mix if necessary. Preferably one for beg, and one for flower?
  2. Veg* not beg lol
  3. Grow big. Really easy
  4. From what company?
  5. if you are growing outdoors, use a time release nutrient, and use lots of amendments in your soil mix like EWC, kelp. This way
    you can just let them grow during the veg cycle. Once they start to flower, mid July, depending on where you are, then you can apply some flowering nutes.

    Are you near a grow store? can you go there? how much money do you have to spend?
  6. Well, there are 2 Hydroponics stores, and a Home Depot and Lowes. And it really depends on my paycheck lol
  7. GO to the hydro store and pick up some Boanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom, Liquid Karma and cal mag +
  8. Price Range?
  9. chicken shit at bottom (burns)
    horse shit

    is all you need for a grow
  10. If you're growing outdoors you already have everything you need. The soil in your back yard contains all the necessary elements for plant growth.
    As Corto said horse manure, just to provide a well balanced, slow release, organic food supply. Remember that these plants have been growing wild for eons, what is perfected by nature, no man can replicate.
    If you go buy bottled nutes, expect to end up with about half dozen different bottles.
  11. but i also add kelp, high p bat guano, worm castings (for the start).
    but you can just do a grow (for my veg. garden) on chicken shit (stronger slow release) and horse shit (quicker and little burn). Those 2 will cover your bases and are very cheap. I don't need no hydro store for outdoor organics.

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