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  1. Hi. I made an order here on August 17. After waiting for a while with no updates, I opened up a support ticket, where after an exchange of messages over a period
    of a week or more, I finally got a tracking number, only to find out that the package had gotten here in four days and was refused by customs, saying "Refused by Customs. Unacceptable sender info. Item being returned to sender". Grasscity told me at this point that there was nothing they could do until the package got back to them. According to the tracking number the package left Canada and got back to their country on August 30 "International shipment has arrived in the destination country". The only response I've gotten from Grasscity on every occasion I've asked, is to wait until they've received the package, but they just don't seem to be trying in any way to get the package back. It's now October 8, over 50 days since I first ordered it, and they have ignored my last support message for the last 4 days. All I wanted was to get my stuff, but now I just want to stop being jerked around.


  2. The package could still be sitting at customs in "the destination country". GC doesn't have any control over customs or the mail / shipping carrier that is supposed to be returning the package to the GC Shop. When they have received the package, they'll take care of it ;)

    If you haven't already, you need to email support:

    The GC forum has nothing to do with the Shop :smoke:
  3. But I mean the package is going back to it's home country, unopened because it never came to me. There is no reason that customs in their country should stop it. And I mean, after 50 days of waiting, they could make one phone call and try and clear things up, or at least give me a reason as to why it's taking so long. If I had that, I really wouldn't care. But to me, I've just been sitting here for almost two months, with no answer at all.

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