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  1. I had been smoking for 5 years before things started to get bit less enjoyable.
    During my sesh's I realized acute pain throughout my chest/shoulderblades whilst inhaling.
    In the last year or so I had began coughing up phlegm but alot darker and more frequent than just in the morning/in the shower.
    It's been 6 months no toke or cigarettes yet I'm still coughing up this incredibly thick Black sputum which differentiates from light/dark brown to extremely black.
    I experience alot of weird sensations through my chest to difficulty breathing to tiny sharp pains which I assume is from the amount of phlegm.
    When I'm around second hand smoke I feel a bit clogged up and small pain but the doctor told me this is due to my lungs being hypersensitive.
    I've been to the doctors and was given heavy antibiotics and a dissolving product, took the dosage for the specified time but no change,
    I've been told by experienced smokers this could possibly be broncheal aspergillosis or pleurisy, doctors have been no help, wondering if anyone else has experienced similar things?
    Apologies of this wasn't posted in the right section!


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  2. Woah man. Eat hash oil and keep going to dif doctors

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  3. Get lung c-rays, screens, etc. Could even be cancer. Get serious medical attention on them, visit lots of doctors/clinics. 

    Google ways to help clean out your lungs and take care of them. Google ways to slow down lung cancer as well! Seriously. 
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    DUDE, the same shit was happening to me. I even got x-rays and the doctors still said there was nothing wrong. I had it for a year+, and all the sudden it just went away a few days ago. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I was spitting up brown stuff like that 1-2 times/day and the rest of the stuff I spit up was yellow. In the morning it was dark yellow and throughout the day it was a lighter shade. Sometimes a little blood would come out... I even have the shoulder blade pain. (not really a pain, more like a weird numbing sensation) My advice is to keep spitting that shit up until it's fucking clear. That's what I did and I think it definitely helped me a lot. Whatever this shit is, you HAVE TO get it out of your body. I wonder what the fuck this is man... :confused_2:
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    Damn, that can't be healthy.
    I had a similar issue about a year ago. I was coughing up dark green phlegm and having intermittent fevers for about three and a half months and the doctors couldn't figure it out. They just said that it was probably a complication of my asthma.
    Finally, after going to the ER with a 103 degree fever and right lung "inundated" with phlegm, they referred me to a respiratory specialist who told me I had recurring viral pneumonia. It would go away for a while and then come back as the virus lived in the phlegm at the bottom of my lungs, not in the lung tissue itself. They proscribed me an antibiotic inhaler, and a month's worth of corticosteroids, which I've had prescribed several times since (the prednisone sucks, makes me irritable and hungry). The specialist also said that people can have this sort of viral pneumonia for months, sometimes years because they keep on reinfecting themselves. Having the asthma also exacerbates the symptoms.
    Not sure if this is related, but it might be worth looking into.
  6. Fuck me /:
    Im no doctor but find out what P45 is and then imagine it as not volcanic silicone
    Maybe you had gritweed (weed with glass dust sprayed onto it), I think the condition is called silicosis
  7. Cheers for the feedback, I'm heading to the doctors again today they've been nothing but a pain in the ass haha.
    Thought it was a bit odd too seeing I'm only 19 aswell, but hey shit happens let's just hope it isn't anything too serious!
  8. I spit up stuff similar but I smoke cigs, it's not as dark as that though but kinda close, go to the doctors, but im sure time will clear it up.
  9. sounds like a job for Dr House to me, good luck!
  10. See a pulmonary specialist! Your lungs should have cleared themselves by now!
  11. Once again been prescribed bullshit prescriptions now for acid reflux.... Fuck I hate foreign doctors

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