Can anybody give me advice for growing?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fenderkush, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. I have 5 seeds and it's my first time growing. I have a bathroom in my house that gets a lot of sunshine and moisture. But, I need advice for what soil to use, how much water the plant needs, if the bathroom I mentioned is an ideal environment and anything else that will help me have a successful grow. I don't have enough money for grow lights, a greenhouse and industrial strength fans.
  2. Are you aware of what seasons things grow in etc?
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  3. Optimum season conditions = an indoor bathroom with no auxiliary lighting... duhh havent you done your resarch?
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  4. You would be better off outside
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  5. I'm not sure if you're making a joke or trying to take the piss here...but this person comes across as an absolute beginner, was a relevant that advice could be given as necessary.
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    How much light does your bathroom get? I did offer relevant information, I told him he'd be better off outside than his current conditions. And I'd you check out his profile and postings there halarious he has been around for a while. Lmao...
  7. Yes ! Do it and Do it a lot !

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  8. Come flower time (bloom) that moisture you speak of might become your worst enemy .

    Try one or two plants at a time , it is easier for a first time grower .
    "With great Yeilds comes great responsibility"
    And lots and lots of reading .

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  9. Roots organic original soil Or happy frog Or
    ocean forest soil ,
    and outdoor lighting

    Monterey BT spray for the Caterpillars and neem oil for the rest of the buggies.

    2-5 gal pot depending on type of seeds .
    Or smart pots , they're cost effective.

    And lots of google searches .
    How to grow outdoors .
    Without lights indoors is a bit tough

    Oh and watering remember "less is more "
    Water only when needed , plants like to get thirsty

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  10. I can't grow outside because my neighbor next door is an U.S Marshal and part of my fence that faces the side of his house collapsed and I don't have the $2700 to fix it. So, I'll be growing indoors.
  11. Lmao I wouldn’t even be growing then unless ur legal.
  12. My neighbor, the U.S Marshal works in another state and doesn't spend enough time at his home to suspect anything illegal going on because his wife and my mom (yes, I live with my mom for the time being) are best friends. Besides, he somewhat raised me because my dad was a deadbeat and my mom has heart problems.
  13. If you don't have 30w per square foot of high intensity lightning please don't grow inside. True waste of time and seeds. Sorry keep your seeds and wait till you have resources.
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  14. Highly doubtful your bathroom has sufficient light without adding grow lights. Window sill grows typically end horrible
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    This was grown under 10 watts of cheap ass LED’s. Some of the stickiest dank I’ve ever smoked
    . This one I grew on my kitchen window seal that only got 4 hours of light max besides my kitchen light when I was using it. [​IMG]
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  16. Do you have a journal id love to read it im currently vegging under a 9w and doing very well. Have a 600w hps and grow tent coming soon. 20190701_020535.jpg

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  17. I don’t sorry. This was back in the day when I first started. I do have a picture of it the day it started flowering somewhere in my phone [​IMG]

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