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  1. Another one of those nights, deep in thought, almost in a trace.

    You settle down in front of your computer, a finely crafted piece of technology. I don't beleive it was created by man. Look into the Roswell Crash of like '46 and you'll see what I mean. Anyways. I see people sad, people excited, people downright depressed, other people just mellow. Some people'd rather not talk about it, other people are too happy that they just won't shut up. Have you ever taken 5 seconds and asked yourself "Where do I stand?" If you have, and you didn't spend much time on it, your not much of a person.

    Think about it, there's over 6.5 Billion people on this planet, and 80% of them are obsessed with technology. We are a species that relies on an "Artificial Intelligence" to do about 80% of our daily work. If technology got thrown off the face of the Earth tomorrow we'd be helpless.

    I was in the mall the other day, and I saw this lady. She looked to be about 70 years old. Man she was old. But I thought to myself "This lady had to have been young at one time, hell she was probabally drop dead sexy back in the day, and she probabally never thought of what the future held in store for her, never figured she'd be ugly one day." And then one day she woke up and looked in the mirror and went "how did I get to be this old, what happened?"

    It takes something dramatic for somebody's eyes to be opened up and for them to have a change in thought pattern. I mean everybody goes about their daily lives doing what they do unless something drastic happens. For example, the crack addict goes about smoking his crack until he has a heart attack or gets arrested. Then he has time to reflect on his life, and think of the events leading up to that moment, and it's his decision to change or to go back to his old ways.

    But this time there's a catch, he's got people watching him, looking out for him, human beings that feel superior over other human beings telling him what he can and can't do.

    What the FUCK happened?

    What happened to nature's survival of the fittest. We were created as a simple species, so we should keep it that way. Look at what's happened, we evolved, became more dependant on machine because that's just how we are. And now look. Global warming, world destruction, humans killing other humans for mere sport, economies collapsing, people starving to death, people dying of dehydration. Other countries invading other countries for oil.

    I'm sick of watching blood spill. I'm sick of chasing dollar bills. OH money! How could I forget money. How did we let ourselves become so dependant on a little fucking coin or piece of paper that defines our worth on this world? The more you have the better you live, the less you have the shittier you feel. Kinda sounds like a drug. The more you have the happier you are, and you need it to live, we're dependant on it. Wow. We're all money addicts. Start flooding rehab centers, we need to overcome this addiction.

    But wait, money makes the world go 'round. The government is nothing more than money hungry whores. Everybody wants money, everybody needs money. How is it that we were able to make it from sunrise to sundown without this "almighty dollar" 1000 years ago but now we can't even go one day without it otherwise we'd go hungry or thirsty. How can people become so self-obsessed that they think they have the right to tell people what's what.

    I like reading the newspaper, yeah it's good for you. Every fucking day there's more stuff about Afghaniland and Iraq and more murders and more rapes and more people getting locked up. But those same people get parole in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, etc months. While people getting locked up for smoking a plant are there for their full sentence. What the fuck! This isn't a drug ranting note, so onto something else.

    Back in the day, when we lived by hunting and gathering, we did the work ourselves. We didn't have obesity, "murder", "rape", none of that. It was, get up, find a temporary shelter, find food, eat, move on, reproduce. We were cells, just on a much larger scale. Now look at us, destroying the very things we've lived off of for years and years, how is this a way to repay nature for what she's given us. Life? Love? Peace? That's like killing your parents to get their money. It just doesn't make sense.

    Some people share my beleifs... some people want to make a change. But the vast majority of this planet doesn't give a fuck because they just don't care, they want to live in the new mansions and get the latest hi-tech gear. Why? What's it gonna do for you, yeah internet and phones and tv are nice. But at the price of our home? No not our houses, I mean our planet. Some say smoking cigarettes is stupid cause it's poisonous, well so is pouring tons and tons of toxins and Co2 into our planet night and day, yet nobody gives a fuck about that.

    Where's the love, where did we go wrong? I don't know, I'll find out one day.
    Another night, another trance, another rant, just more time lost.
  2. Some day, when me and the real humans evolve just so much more

    we will kill your kind and use your soulless wastes to fuel the fires by which we upturn your cities.
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    Just a thought...

  4. I'm guessing you missed the whole point of that?

  5. Oh, what was it again?

  6. Ah... yeah, I missed that.

  7. Has a dog Buddha-nature?
    This is the most serious question of all.
    If you say yes or no,
    You lose your own Buddha-nature.
  8. :O Interesting.
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    Very heartfelt; I can tell you're really steamed. However, most of the strife, violence, and other dependencies you mentioned have been in effect constantly throughout human history. In our present state, mankind just has an affinity for destruction, and it hasn't changed much since the early humans and their struggle for dominance over nature's other creatures. Besides, "killing for sport", if anything, has been on a downturn ever since we took a liking to ethics. You're going to tell me the Aztecs never killed each other in the ball courts? Although, in a way, much of this suffering has spawned the determination to rid ourselves of it. The pain is necessary for healing.

    But I DO see where you're coming from, and rest assured, you aren't the only one to have these kinds of thoughts.
  10. I just want to enjoy my time as much as possible while I'm on this little blue planet.

    Money helps me to do that.

    I wouldn't want to live in stone age conditions, even if it meant solving some of the problems society is currently facing.

    I think a lot of it has to due with the way people are parenting these days too. I see a lot of kids getting away with shit, I would have got my ass kicked for... that and everyone is lazy as fuck nowadays.
  11. just curious, where did you get 80% from?

    richer people aren't happier than poor people. I'd say generally, people that are filthy rich are less happy than middle class people.

    well there has always been currency, be it cows, or guns, or cloth, or paper money. there was just a need for a worldwide regulated currency.

    We didn't have murder and rape back in the day? ..You're kidding, right?

    anyway, I generally agree with what you're saying.
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    In quotes, because it wasn't viewed the way it is today. Murder was, food. And rape was, continuation of a species.

    And, I just kinda pictured a map in my mind and compared countries with technologies to those with like, sand and desert and uninhabited land mass. etc.

    An approximation.
  13. oh okay. well, I'd disagree, I'd say that it's a minority of the population of the earth is obsessed with technology. There are billions of people living in poverty with the least technology. It's just that we, the lucky ones, don't seem to care or take any notice
  14. I know it's old but I was searching for something else and stumbled upon this.

    Good post man, I had a similar one in the 'philosophical' thread.. I agree with you on many points.

    When did humans decide they need more than sufficient shelter and food? That's all you need to survive.. Don't even have to kill animals either, there's tons of food that can be grown naturally, yet somewhere along the line someone decided to make money off of candy bars and sugary foods that people are now addicted to.

    I have stuff I need to do right now or else I'd expand, maybe another day.

    +rep though for sure.
  15. Thanks, I like to just smoke one and sit around and write down my thoughts, really helps in times of stress, especially modern day troubles eh?
  16. I get where you're coming from, sure, but what I noticed about your post was that although you feel unhappy with the way you percieve life to be, you didn't offer solutions to any of these "problems".

    It's easy to say life was better/more meaningful/less wasteful in the past,but that's not neccesarily the case - plus the past is just that,past,over and done with.

    I for one can't wait to see how our human intelligence and extelligence evolve within my lifetime,and I'm constantly in awe of our universe and the forces that shape it.

    No disrespect,you made many valid points.If you cause just one person to start asking questions rather than accepting the status quo,then you just made the world a better place.

  17. Nice post, you most certainly get +rep for this, fine sir!

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