can any1 HELP!!?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by sukhithegod, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. Hello ppl! i havent a clue about this plant i hav right, but ive been told its used just like the rest of them on this site, its a three leaf 1 can ne1 giv me any info on this? oh and when its dried n smoked it smells just lie the weed i buy! but ive ony smelt it, i havnt grown enough to actuall roll yet, thanx a lot!

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  2. ha ha ha.

    u are a right comedian.
  3. You can't be serious.......

    That plant does make pretty flowers though....

  4. dude are you serious
  5. this was a bad joke huh?! ah well, happiness IS the key!!

    :D :)
  6. Hahahahhahahaha, are you serious? You thought that was weed? Man, you've got a lot to learn.
  7. Dude!!! That don`t look like anything I`ve ever seen before.
    If anything it looks like Salvia not pot.

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