Can Any Outdoor Growers Recommend These Plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tubbsy41, May 28, 2013.

  1. So here is what I'm going to order.
 (pack of 3)
 (just 1 seed)
 (just 1 seed)
    I'm in the U.K
    My plan is to germ them then plant them in little plastic cups to sprout, after they have sprouted I will leave them for a week or 2 then I will transfer each one into their pot that they will stay in until harvest
    (If and one has a recommended soil mix then please feel free to post it, I still need one)
    Please feel free to criticize anything, I will take it positively and hopefully will lead to a better grow for me, cheers :D

  2. are u sure u want an auto strain? The yeild on these plants is way lower than a normal photo plant.
  3. I'm not an every day smoker and this is just a fun grow but I still want something to show for it, I'm not fussed if I get 5oz or 1/2oz just an experiment to see how it goes

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  4. kk cool, well i dont know much about autos but they should be fine for growing in your area. they dont rely on weather/dark/light to flower so they should be good to grow anywhere. If im wrong please somebody correct me =D
  5. yeah I believe that's how they work

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