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Can any green light be used during dark periods?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jPinkham, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I have a ' party bulb' that's a green bulb is it ok to use during dark time? I've never usually bothered with going in at dark times but it'd be cool if I could
  2. If its a party bulb from walmart its likely just painted green so it will emit other colors on the light spectrum. What you need is green LEDs.
  3. Yeah it's painted green and that's why I was skeptical about it
  4. I used the party light before and no hermies or anything like that and it work had it on for the whole flower cycle so the camera had some light.
  5. How often did you have it on? rarely or alot?
  6. I was stoned and didn't think to use ' search' basically I've found out half the people saar you can use the party bulb half say no, I'm going to go on the safe side and not use it and just get a real green light
  7. 24/7 it never went off unless the camera went off
  8. so they say. i personally have never tried to use one but many have with success. good call with switching over to an "actual" green light tho. cant go wrong with that decision.
  9. Yeah I'd rather be safe then sorry, I'm 5 1/2 weeks into flower a hermie now would not make my day lol
  10. Why not just leave the dark cycle dark? You have 12 hours every day to tend to your plants, and you can put the plants on a schedule that is convenient for you.
  11. I agree fully toasty, I just wanted one for a ' just in case', plus my humidity has been getting really high up to 80 some nights and I wanted to keep the window open until I went to bed then close it and put the cardboard back over it but without a green light I couldn't get in there and get it open without tripping over tons of stuff
  12. [quote name='"toastybiz"']Why not just leave the dark cycle dark? You have 12 hours every day to tend to your plants, and you can put the plants on a schedule that is convenient for you.[/quote]

    The only reason I have ever had a green light was for a camera and it was too dark in there without some sort of light to pick up.the movement.
  13. Jeorge Cervantes has a video where he looks to be using just a Green painted party bulb and says it works fine. But I came across this little article and just figured Ill wait before trying out the green light.

  14. hahah i bust the shit out of my knees and toes everytime i go in during the dark cycle
  15. I use a green party bulb to light the part of my shed that has no plants in it when I need to go in there and check shit real quick, the grow chambers are separated from it but I have final light sealing to do still (separation from veg/flower is completely light sealed though)

    And a green led head lamp if I have to go into a chamber during dark period

    For those saying just don't go in, leave it dark.... sometimes you have too lol... water leaks, temp issues, power failure and you need to turn something back on or otherwise hahaahah
  16. Thank you all for the answers and yeah I've tripped over water jugs many times :(

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