Can any drummers help me out? (or people that know about drums)

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    Hopefully you guys can hear it through youtube, youtube quality kinda makes it sound like a normal crash, but what is the name of the 'cymbal' or whatever the drummer's smackin on. A friend of mine told me something like a tambrine (not a tambourine) maybe? I'm not sure.

    [ame=]YouTube - Bury Your Dead - The Outsiders[/ame]

    It's in the intro and that's all I'm talking about.
  2. sounds to me like just an average crash cymbal. but u could be getting confused with the snare drum. The higher sounding drum is a small snare drum, and thats played with the crash. It wouldnt be a tambourine
  3. It's not a snare, I know that that is, lol. I'm fairly certain it's not a crash either. I've played drums before and I've never created that sound. Like I said youtube fucks the quality, that 'crash' has a more chimey sound to it than standard crash unless it's a very unique brand of crash cymbals. You can hear at certain parts where he hits both the cymbal I'm talking about and the hat.
  4. That sounds to just be a hi-hat. Using a disco technique with his foot. Then I'd say they probably put some effects on it in the studio. If I had to guess I'd probably put my money on some sort of lo-fi effect with a little reverb.
  5. deffinaey don't think it's anything out of the ordinary kit tbh, GM-2X could certainly be right about the disco pedalling though.. and even effects in the studio

    man your thread just made me wana unstack my drums so badly :p haven't played them since my last birthday.. they needed stacked for the party lmao :D
  6. Yeah I was gonna say hi-hat too.
  7. maybe some sort of chyna
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    Actually my friend said it was hi-hat at first, but then you can hear it certain parts (where it's better quality) where it sounds like he hits the thing in question and the hi-hat simultaneously (it's behind the guitar), could be wrong. Appreciate the input fellas.

    Another vid;

    Again in the beginning

    [ame=""]YouTube - Bury Your Dead - Legend[/ame]

    You can also hear it pretty well at 2:00.
  9. Definitely sounds like a China cymbal. Could be modified a bit, but to me that's what it sounds like. And a lot of metalcore bands that loveeeee their breakdowns use it all the time.
  10. I just called the friend and he said a splash? Could anyone concur or disagree with that?

    [ame=""]YouTube - Paiste 12" Twenty Splash Cymbal 75308[/ame]

    I think my friend might be right. Listen to it with the drum beat.
  11. Definitely could be. Splashes and Chinas have a similar sound too, depending on the size of them, but splashes usually stay smaller (8-12") where as you can get a China cymbal between 10-22". Whether that's to the benefit of your knowledge or not, I'm not quite sure. Either way, it's probably one of them.
  12. I'm going to have to say he is playing a chyna or a splash.
    His whole kid has studio edits on it, so that's why it sounds a bit different than your last video of just the splash.
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    it just sounds like he's hitting an open hi-hat... like... thats the exact sound i get when i hit an open hi-hat... i just use sabian B8's, but it sounds pretty much identical

    [edit] just relistened. yea, its deffinitely the drummer playing an open hi-hat - you can tell because at the end of one of the measures, he closes it after hitting it
  14. ^This

    sounds to me like a really loose hi hat
  15. That bass riff on the first post...I just learned by ear like five minutes ago...I usually despise heavy metal bass riffs, but I have to admit its kind of fun....I working on converting it into a slap riff.
  16. You mean the one note rhythm?

    It's definitely open hats, by the way.
  17. Yeah, the way I play it anyway is like you said one note...just a lil weird finger work on the plucking end.
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    Lol, I can't hear any bass over the guitar in the first vid. Let me remind you they're playing with baritone guitars... so you might be confusing that for distorted bass.
  19. Thats why I dont like metal...alot of the times they actually have a good bassist with unique basslines, only to have them drownd out by loud ass heavy distorted guitar.
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