can animals 'respond' to music...

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    "Consider, if beat induction could be explained by sensing the heartbeat of the mother, why did not music develop in all animals?" Winkler asked.

    whos to say animals dont have music... insects sing at precise intervals,, as do birds, most mating animals,,,, the list is endless....

    any tests been done?
  2. Not only can animals respond to certain types of music, I read this story about a bear cub these polish troops rescued during WWII and it stayed with them adn helped them out. Eventually after the war, it was moved to a zoo in England. whenever someone spoke Polish around it, the Bear's ears perked up and it paid attention.

    Same as a lot of animals. Dogs, cats, all can get accustomed to one language over another or if their owner only played a certain type of music.
  3. Even more so, Dogs have been proven to have different ethnics between the same breed variant on the location.

    Japanese Labradors have much darker eyes than the rest of Labradors in the world, and the average American Labrador is bigger than most of the world.
  4. These guys are betting the house, that dogs have a love for bad music.

    This is the funniest site I've seen today, check it out.

    And make sure to play the sample songs on the lower left as you scroll down their page. I especially love, "I'm your Doggie", although I think they may have stolen the title from Iggy Pop.

  5. I think they pick up vibrations like a Cobra does(ie: the dudes in India playing the weird flute things to the cobra's in a basket -):smoke:
  6. my dog bops her head to sublime!

    no, not really, but if i still had a dog she probably would.
  7. My cats love to listen to heavy metal.

    When I drum on my desk or sing along to a song my siamese cat starts meowing along.
  8. animals also repond to the tone of your voice. so if your listening to some heavy metal around ur cat its probly not sending the best vibe lol unless you have a hardcore dog! like me! lmao

  9. Nah dude they sit there all calm and shit cleaning themselves. Sometimes they even jump up onto the back of my chair while I'm head banging and try to bat at my hair.

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