can an obsessive fear about going insane make you actually go insane?

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Can it?

    Just curious, I heard some quote from shakespeare or something about the actor who acts like the madman enough, becomes the madman

  2. . . . . . srs?
  3. I got depersonilization, and this was such a scary thought for me because I actually thought 100% I was going crazy.

  4. but ur fine now huh? lol i had a friend who ended up in the psych ward, he said they treat u like shit there
  5. yeah think about that movie with leonardo diccaprio where he goes and investagates the insane person island. they basically brainwash people saying yeah dude ur fuckin insane then they soon believe it.

  6. oh shit, sounds interesting
  7. What if he was insane the entire time?

    I always thought that it could be a symptom for insanity or some type of mental disorder Exodus, but what isn't these days. Everyone is fucked in the head one way or another man, just say fuck it and stop worrying about going insane, because you already are to an extent. :D

  8. yea its not really going crazy, but them forcing me to go to a mental hospital.

    sounds like a fucked place from what i've heard
  9. no dude. in the movie, the government kidnaps people and keep them on this island and brainwash them and tell them they did horrible shit like killing people. also they drug them and soon they start to believe they really did bad stuff and are insane.

    but anyways everyone is crazy. when u cant tell reality from fiction, then you are crazy.:smoke:

  10. yea true dat. i just have obsessions like fuck, like i'll be paranoid as hell, thinking about death, eternity, the possibility of hell, possibility of dying early, and other crazy weird shit for hours on end

  11. Shutter Island:smoke:

    That's a good one.
  12. An obsessive fear is already a very distinct problem.
    Some sort of paranoia, perhaps.
    Sit back, smoke a bowl, and stop worrying about going crazy, or you will.

  13. haha smoking that bowl makes it 5x more intense and worse for me
  14. what do you think happen to keith ledger

  15. damn did he really go insane playing the joker?
  16. lmfao, Keith Ledger? it's Heath Ledger.

    I used to call him heath fletcher.

  17. thats what i heard. cause he was always fucked up on drugs playing the joker that when the movie was done he still thought he was the joker. and went mad crazy. he had that mindset and couldnt get rid of it and it drove him to insanity

    hhahaha oops

  18. damn thats weird shit
  19. I think so, though I think its the more of the fact of repeatly thinking of something or getting stuck can make you insane.

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