Can an alcoholic grow pot?

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  1. Sorry I can't post pictures at this time, you'll have to use your imagination.

    I've got some plants growing. Started with clones (BC Big Bud), put them in 5 separate styrofoam cups and bought a HPS 150 Watt light. Placed the plants on a milk carton and hung the light from the rack in my closet (about 1 and a half or 2 feet away from teh plants). It's been on 24/7. There's a fan directly above the light that's also been on.
    I've been watering them every couple of days. things have been going well for the past two weeks. New leaves started coming in very soon after they were planted. The nodes are about half an inch apart from eachother up and down the main stem right now.
    Here are some things that I'm not too sure about:
    1. They're all about 9-11" high. They're thin plants. Should I be trimming anything? Should I be cutting off any yellow leaves?

    2. How much water should i be watering them with? I've been giving them about half a cup each time they look dry. I usually just play it by ear. when the dirt's dry, I water. when it's looking damp enough, i stop.

    43. When should I transplant? Like, how long should I wait, or how big should they be? What size of thing should I transplant them into.... based on the root size? How big do roots get?

    Thanks for your help, I'll be back with more later.
  2. For a small closet grow your lights are ideal. The fan helps to keep the closet cool and the air circulating. I have grown 3 crops and am on my 4th and 5th crops. Pot size is very important. I grew a crop in 2litre pop bottles. I got a nice cola on top of each plant. But that was about it . I would say maybe an ounce a plant. Once I switched to the larger 3 gallon pots my bud production increased dramatically. Instead of 1 ounce per plant I am getting 3 plus ounces per plant.Any help?
  3. hello again,
    Now I have transplanted to five 4 gallon containers. The space is now about 2' x 5' and 5' high. I took back the 150 watt hps to the store and bought a 400 watt hps light.
    It's all set up now, but it's so fucken hot in here! I've only got one fan going... I might need to do somethign about that.
    Pictures soon.
    I'm still wondering about watering and fans, etc. see the first post.
  4. oh wow ur gona grow some good ass shit now, congrats man
  5. Keep us posted. Did you start your plants yet?
  6. You weren't getting drunk celebrating your new setup last night were you?
  7. I have a veggie chamber 3ft deep by 3ft tall by 5ft wide. I currently have 15 plants vegging.They are in 10 2 litre bottles. 10 free pots. They are growing very fast right now . Everyday I have to lift my 4 shoplights a couple of inces.I also have a flowering chamber 3x5x61/2 ft tall. It has a 400mh and a150 watt spot grow light. I would like to upgrade to the 600 but I'll have to make do.I only have two females flowering at the moment. They are on day 20. I remember because I induced flowering on Friday the 13th.They are starting to look quite voluptuos.I had bad luck this time around as 5 out of 6 plants were males. They are in a box. I am going to make bubble hash soon. This strain is a Jack Frost And White Russian cross. I did it myself. I probably have over 100 seeds left from this plant. My other girl is a clone over 4ft tall with 3 main branches.She almost looks like 3 plants!The clone is Jack Frost, a bluey green looking herb. Awesome stuff.

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  8. Actually this is true.. but the only way to be that elusive "undrunk" is to drink yourself sober. I know it sounds crazy, but I just know it has to work one day...
  9. I'll get pictures posted soon as I can afford to fix my computer!
  10. Hows it going with your new setup?
  11. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or a bad one, but my friend (who's grown indoors before) says that I should start budding and go to a 12/12 schedule. So, I bought a timer and it's nearing completion of the first day.
  12. Any plant say 18 inches can be induced to flower using 12 on 12 off for the lights.It takes anywhere from 6 to 10 wks to ripen.
  13. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or a bad one, but my friend (who's grown indoors before) says that I should start budding and go to a 12/12 schedule. So, I bought a timer and it's nearing completion of the first day.
  14. How tall are your plants?
  15. about 11-12"
  16. I would wait until they get 18 inches tall. Hit them with the light to speed things up a bit. Most people tell me to wait until the plant is at least 12 inches tall to flower. It's your call.
  17. Hey, I just accurately measured the plants and hte smallest one is only 9"... the tallest is 13"

    It's now day 3 or 4 or seomthing of 12/12... What if I put them back to 24/0? good idea/bad idea? Personally, I'd rather let them veg for longer but my buddy said to change the shedule...
  18. i went to and checked out that faq of that one person for troubleshooting your plants. It does a great job of identifying a problem, but it doesn't say how to solve them.
    Here are some symptoms that my poor plants are enduring. Don't get me wrong though, they still feel healthy... but a person can be physically fit, and at the same time dirty all over.
    a few of the plants have yellow leaves near the bottem. the yellow leaves are mostly small, 1" or a little more sized leaves.
    some higher leaves on some of the plants have yellow spots.
    one of the plants has one leaf that has browning veins. baaaaad.
    All of the leaf tips are upwards.

    Now, the smaller leaves that are growing in at the nodes are looking great.

    day 4 and still no budding. As you may notice, I don't really care about this first crop of mine. It's my first.
  19. I wouldn't change the lights back. You may confuse your plants and lose some time. It's OK to keep flowering. But next time try and wait until they are at least 18 inches tall. I just started to flower a plant at 26 inches. I am flowering 2 others also. They are about 48 inches tall right now.Are yor plants getting proper air circulation. A small fan does wonders to promote growth. Also be careful not to overwater. Are you allowing for proper drainage? It also sounds like your plants may need a little more light because of the upturned leaf tips. How much light are you giving them?
  20. Well, my setup is only a 7 foot cross sectional area and the light is 4 feet above the plants. Does the fact that my light hood is not on make a difference? My ceiling above the light is about 9' above the floor.

    I'm pretty sure i'm not overwatering. I'm only watering when they're dry (just before they get wilty).

    I must admit though, the air circulation is poor. the fan needs to be hooked up to a tube or somthing.

    What's this about drainage? the pots that hold the.. pot have holes in the bottem... but seldom does water come through. Does that mean too little water?

    There's anohter thing i was thinking about> I read somewhere that if hte cylendrical part of a 400 watt hps does much better than the spherical shape at the end... So, would it be a good idea to rotate the light 90 degrees so that it's sideways facing on the plants?

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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