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can alcohol be absorbed through the armpit?

Discussion in 'General' started by LulzMaximus, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. im hella stoned/drunk can i absorb alcohol through my armpits? I know you can through the nose, mouth, and ass. How about through the dick?

    lol :gc_rocks:
  2. You're not going to fuck your armpit are you?

  3. if it does imight
  4. Lol no it doesn't work
  5. u can through the vagina but it's really bad for you and still shows up on breathalyzer tests.. however it gets you hella drunk.

    (FYI I did not learn this from experience)
  6. :crying: i was gonna try it, but i knocked over my last shot :crying:
  7. Maybe God was just trying to save you from the dangers of what you were about to do.
  8. Oh, for fucks sake. Just man up and drink it.

  9. Did you know if you pour fizzy soda down there it Destroys sperm.

    Morning after pill ghetto style :D
  10. drove to the store and got more alcohol... jk drinking and driving is not good, i walked.

    got more vodka. im hella frnuk. :yay:
    i ;ove you all
  11. i remember seeing this shit on Dr. Phil, it was about some girls who snorted vodka, and also soaked their tampons in booze. Naaaasty.
  12. Booze = Garbage

    Weed = Not Garbage

  13. if you're asking something like this i don't think you need anymore alcohol absorption
  14. Yes it can. Get the biggest maxi pad you can find, pour a beer into it, and slap that baby on your armpit. Put on a shirt and you're good to go - no one will know you're having a nice cold one!
  15. Wait you mean that's not how you're supposed to do it?
  16. If any of you have seen some of the jackass's (the show) you might know of Knoxvilles brother/cousin/something who can fart on command, inhaling and exhaling through his ass, i wonder if he can get high by smoking a blunt out of his ass.

  17. Haha this one made me crack up!
  18. Why are you drinking while posting on the internet?
  19. [quote name='"Led Zepp"']Booze = Garbage

    Weed = Not Garbage


    Hey, there isn't anything wrong with booze. Just people who take shit too far.

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