can a women handle weed the same as a man

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  1. My wife has never smoked weed befor . she says it smells nice when im having a joint so last night she said can i have a smoke mind you we had bee,n down the local and put a few beers away, so i passed the joint and she caned the lot, later on she said she felt quite good.she has handled it very good for the first time

    SEX WAS FANTASTIC ALSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i don't know too many women that smoke, but the ones i do smoke with smoke a hell of a lot more than a lot of guys i know. its not really the question of male and female, it all depends on the person, i have a friend thats huge, almost 300 pounds, hes a great football player, he can smoke one bowl of shwag and pass the fuck out. and my sister, maybe about 120 pounds can smoke ounce after ounce. but its because of my family blood line, theres nobody in my family that can't handle weed that i know of.
  3. does this belong in humour?
  4. Moving to real life stories.

    Most women I know handle it very well! They also enjoy the sex more. From what i've been told it relaxes them and they don't worry about trying to be perfect, they just have fun!
  5. High ya wanna hear it from a chick????

    Yes, women can handle weed BETTER than a man. Yes, gentlemen, I said BETTER.

    Let me point a few things out...women can be in a crowded room and catch maybe 3 or more conversations at once and can tell you about each of they can't do that! Don't try to say you can...unless you're one of the special ones...and if you are don't reveal yourself.

    Women...okay, SOME women with the monstrous minds start thinking and come up with brilliant ideas, many at a time...we can have thoughts popping up one right after the other and although the ideas and thoughts are random and out of the blue, we still take more advantage of our highs... and do constuctive things and come to the City and tell you guys that we rock while also saying we're better.

    ....heh......Nah, I'm just picking on you guys...we all handle it the same...;)

    ***had to come back and say that sex is GREAT while high.....
  6. RMJL you had me going there for a minute or two.

    I hope that all men and women enjoy the good herb like the rest of us!
  7. well, i don't know if women can handle pot better than men, but i know that i can. maybe it's tolerance, or tiredness - i don't know.

    and the sex is much better when high! :)
  8. i somehow gotta convince my girl weed is not evil and get her to toke up
  9. RMJL LOL that is so true! ;)

    we do handle it pretty well though, i must say. in fact sometimes i outtoke my man, and he's flabberghasted that a girlie could smoke more than him.

    RazorRy sometimes people are more scared of making an ass of themselves by not being able to control the high, than the actual weed itself! Sometimes newbies are scared about how it will make them feel, or if they'll get too high and FREAK OUT or something.

    smoke her out privately, and don't get her too high. i got my friend of 9, count 'em, 9 years to FINALLY smoke weed with me once, and because he smoked in a mellow, comfortable environment, just the 2 of us, with ample munchies and movies to keep us laughing, he was just fine and now a certified pothead :D
  10. I think it all depends on the person. I've got Female friends some can handle it and some can't just like the guys.
  11. I have met several women who can smoke every bit as much if nto more than many men. It depends on the person. The important this is to enjoy it, whether you are a man or a woman and smoke up.
  12. I dunno honestly I know some chicks who don't handle the high to well but yeah i know guys the same way I guess it's probably in my blood line I was token joints with my mom when i was 13 That sounds bad don't it. But in my family it's no biggie. infacts my twin little sisters names are Mary-ann and Jane-lee now lets take away the ann and lee Marry jane sad aint it my dad was a big dealer when they were born anyway my point is Everyone woman men handle weed highs differently I also noticed it depends on how long people smoke for the differance is uncanny anywho I'm babling now
  13. P.S SEX IS AWESOME WHEN HIGH! my ex used to plan everytime he wanted to get laid he'd pull out a bag lol
  14. Im older than my girlfriend and i've been smoking alot longer she started when she was like 13 or 14 i started when i was 11 becuse i was little hang around pot heads (older men) and they passed me he joint in the rotation ya shur i coughed my 1st time smoking i neva forget that day try not to ne wayz but my girlfriend her she must have some good lungs or it runs in her famly but she is a bigger pot head than m so guys its equal it dpeneds on the person..

    Sex is great when ur high as long as u dont pass out or some shit or forget it lol(i havnt passed out during it just saying dat for newbies)
  15. Me and my GF haven't been fuxed up 2gether but that's because she's not a stoner and she's not really a drinker but man I'd like to mack her when we're high....
  16. make her smoke! just make her!

    Jack: Jill we're gonna get high

    Jill: No Jack, I do not want to get high.

    Jack: Thats not up to you is it?

    ((Jack pulls out bag of weed and bong)

    Jack: Now get your stupid ass over here.

    ((Jill runs over to Jack, with a frightened look in her eyes))

    Jill: What do you want me to do with that?

    Jack: Put your mouth around it..

    ((Jill does as he says. Jack lights the bowl and Jill inhales. After exhaling, she quickly strips all her clothes off and jumps onto the kitchen table. Jack takes a bong rip and does the same....The end)
  17. Honstly I dont think it's a matter of men vs. women. If we all smoke than why cant we just smoke together and not worry about whos handling it better. But when it comes to me and my guy friends, speeking for my girlfirends and I, I know we can smoke them under the table because Ive done it. But they still insist on not smoking with the women because they dont think we handle it as well. When in actuality they dont smoke with us because they are worried that we might want to smoke another after they have finished. And I know this is true because just hte other day I was with a firend of mine and her boyfriend and a friend of his, well we all had this big sesson together and when all the joints went out (3 on 4) and I went to smoke the fourth joint the boys cut out and my friend and I were left to go smoke the joint to ourselves on our own toure. Not that I'm complaning if they dont want any; all the more for me.
  18. now that I think about it......I know a group of girls that can outsmoke any guy I know. damn how do they do it?!?!
  19. lmfao, great jack and jill story. Had a girlfriend who was opposed to weed completely, I tried convincing her over and over that it wasn't bad and that it actually increases pleasure, but she didn't believe it for a second. Thank you government propoganda... She told me it was weed or her, and it was the weed. Now I'm with someone who fuckin loves to smoke... life is better. peace, love and happy tokin
  20. I'll have to say that based on nonscientific information...

    Women can handle smoking pot BETTER than men.

    The women know this but like to have you guys think that we can handle it just the same or that guys can handle it better.

    And from what I hear from the girls... they say they can get high and clean. They can get high and cook. They can get high and take care of the kids. They can get high and keep a job. They can get high and have sex AND climax. They can get high and toss a salad, and talk on the phone at the same time!

    How many guys can do all of THAT? *rolleyes*

    Den Activist :D

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