Can a train conductor smoke the good ol gangee?

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  1. Hey blades the story is that is I continue my education further down the line I will get a union job for the railroads basically TCU. Can I smoke if I have the job?
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    I don't think so since there is a high liability factor (passengers, cargo, and the train itself). So, I think you would be randomly drug tested because of this.
  3. i sure the fuck hope not. especially while hauling explosive gas's. 
  5. you sure you want that job dude? i hear there's a lot of trauma for a lot of these guys from hitting pedestrians... i don't remember what the statistics are regarding the deaths but they were way higher than i thought due to suicides...
    shit, they should be able to smoke. not on the job obviously, but in general. better than the bottle
  6. That almost makes me want the job :metal:
    Just kidding actually, I would feel pretty shitty if I ended up hitting somebody's dog or if I accidentally killed somebody cool. I would get fired for smoking on the job though, it sucks being one of those people who functions more rationally when stoned and makes very poorly thought out decisions when sober... Of course I am mildly sadistic so being in control of a vehicle weighing enough to crush an 18 wheeler is probably something I should avoid; at least the train is fixed to a track though so no major train rampage for me.
  7. is minor train rampage hunky dory?
  8. I couldn't imagine being a train conductor without some minor rampage :smoke:
  9. So yay,nay,or esentay?
  10. I agree with this post. You're going to be drug tested often and randomly. Now if you want to drink a 1/2 gallon of Crown a day, that's just fine.
  11. Such a hypocrisy.. I know right?
  12. I don't think you should. Do a quick google search on this and that should make up your mind.
  13. real life stories is great spot for your question.
  14. Does Super Clean P work?
  15. You can do anything you like, as long as you dont get caught lol

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  16. Sarcasm dripping, well where do I put it? And yes thats what she said
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    Who cares what he says? You aren't breaking any rules, and I feel that asking about employment is good to put here since I did the same thing or in the general section. Reason being is that anyone can benefit from employment advice from other blades.
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    But I agree completely. And would like to add that when hauling what is probably a million tons on a huge train with many cars, no. Considering a truck that weighs 50 tons with a full load of sand needs a CDL.
  19. Damn that would be awesome. The train conductor pulling up to your station smokin a fat blunt
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    If it's a union job read the contract dude. It should be in there. If not your union sucks ass

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