can a plant produce male and female PRE-flowers?

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    hi all ive a question that is puzzling me! can a plant produce male and female PRE-flowers at the same time when it reaches sexualmaturaty at about the 4 or 5th week of growth? i already know that they can produce male or female PRE-flowers sepreatly but what i want to know is can 1 plant produce both PRE-flowers?ive asked this ? before on another site and ppl just kept telling me that a plant will produce male PRE-flowers if it male and female if its female? i know what PRE-flowers look like and i think i have a 5week old plant that is showing both types! please help some one its doing my head in:confused:dont want the little bastard to be herme and catch me out in about 6/7wkstime!!!!:eek:
  2. yes it can, try slicing all the pullen sacks off every day for a week or two and it should stop producing.
  3. thanks stealthgrower ill try that,thats what i love about growing(apart from loads of cheep bud)im always learning something new! it deff looks like ive got a herme! wont it lower the thc levels ?ie make it weaker seeing as its started off as a herme.the reason i ask is the strain im growing is skunk1# from dutch passion and its a real good pungent smoke !:D:smoking:
  4. I do not know for sure, but as long as it does not get pollinated (so aslong as u cut those sacks off) then it should not produce less THC. but like i said i am not positive of this.

    also make sure u remove the bolen sack from the area, try cutting them off into water so when they fall pollen wont get everywhere and use something sharp.

    goodluck :)
  5. Just make sure to get them all. One little pollen sac is enough to pollinate all your females.
  6. thanks guys snipped them off and will keep doing it! i was starting to get pissed about it:(id looked all over the net (well not all over but u know what i mean)ive even bought the indoor outdoor medical mj growers bible by george cervantes! and nothing was in there about this plenty abot hermes and how to avoid and how to tell when fully flowerd!but nothing about this problem!will keep this thread open and up date it just in case any one else has this problem!

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