can a plant finish flowering in under 5 weeks?

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  1. i got brainstorm in 4-5 week flowering and she's turning yellow and pistles are slowly turning golden, they say 7-8 weeks flowering but could it be shorter???

    when can you actually tell when wed is ready for harvest, no matter what the breed??
  2. take as closeup and as focused of a pic as you can and post it here! a macro would be great.

    the trichomes turn cloudy though. pull a small bud and check it out really closely, with a magnifying lens or scope.. if you think you're done then do a flush for a while, leave the lights off for 48 hours on them, and they'll get a little more resinous.

    good luck!
  3. pics to help

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  4. Check the trichs, if you can...that'll tell you for sure what's going on.

    But from those pics it looks like they still have a few weeks left. They will fatten up so much in these last few weeks. Yellowing leaves are okay, they are, at this point, probably a sign that the plant is maturing/nearing harvest. It's starting to focus more in bud production than leaves.

    The pistil/hair color doesn't have much to do with harvest date. It can, but not always. Examining trichs are the best method. Grab yourself a'll be happy you did.

  5. ordered one today dude, so any clues wat im looking for? any pics avalible on what to look for?
  6. Go here:

    First pic is a closeup of some trichomes.

    Snip off a bud or a lil sugar leaf and set it on a hard surface, then look at it under the scope. You should see something resembling the pic in the above thread. Clear trichs mean it's still developing. Cloudy = you're almost there. Amber = :hello:

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