can a pickle jar work for curing?

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  1. i went to target, and noticed a jar for 5 bucks, when i can buy a jar with pickles for about 3 bucks. so i bought the pickle jar. now i just gotta finish the pickles in about 4 days. haha theres to many for me!

    and if it can work, how should i clean the jar? just rinse with wter? or use what to cleanse it?!??!?!?:hello:
  2. First I'd soak it in hott water.

    Then scrub it with lots of soap, and if you have a dishwasher run it through there.

    I'd wash a few times til the smell is gone.

    rep appreciated :)

  3. Just buy a pack of 12 quart sized mason jars at Walmart for $15....that's pretty much the cheapest you're going to find locally.

    The best ones imo are the widemouth ones, but they don't carry them in the stores very often. Those can be found online for about the same price.
  4. Thought about that to
    but I decided the risk of pickled buds was too great,

    I would transfer your pickles, soak the jar in a mild bleach solution for a 2 days (5-15%)
    Then soak it in a soap solution for 1 day
    Then soak it in water for one day
    Thus you have three stage cleansing action going on there, ready in 4 days

    If there was any smell of bleach or pickels still, I would just forget the whole thing

  5. You could follow this guy but do it all in one day. I'd just fill your sink up with warm water, not too hot bleach will dissipate quick. Put in a good pour of bleach and a decent amount of soap to make the water feel slippery-er... ..then just soak it in there, and get a scrub brush or something to scrub it every hour.

    After a few hours or till the pickle smell is gone just run it under the sink for 2-3 minutes filling up and dumping out till the bleach smell is gone

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