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Can a minor get in trouble for attempting to buy a pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smokers, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Can a minor get in trouble for attempting to buy a pipe? From a gas station?

    No, It is not me don't even ask.
  2. Maybe depends on the station
  3. What would they be arrested for?
  4. They'll just tell you they can't sell it to you
  5. Usually theyd just turn a minor away... not gonna arrest him or anything

    its like if a minor tried to buy cigarettes... they dont call the cops if you're not 18 and try to buy a pack
  6. Usually tobacco products are not supposed to be sold to minors.

    If you're not a minor, then why are you asking this question?
  7. no probably not.But if the seller is a stoner he would give him without a problem.
  8. from my experience, no. I remember when I was 16 I went into a smoke shop and asked to buy a glass pipe. the guy asked for an ID but I told him I didn't have it with me. he just told me I can't buy one w/o an ID. a lot of minors bought from there if they looked 18 but I still look like I'm in middle school so of course he tried to card me.
  9. So there still is a chance they could be arrested? Would it be paraphernalia? I would assume that would be pretty easy to get out of "I was just joking I didn't really want to buy it"
  10. eh not nessecarily. I know a few places are run by people who smoke and they wouldn't do it.

  11. Usually you'll be lucky if you goto like a Ma & Pa gas station, or some sort of low-key market that sells those products.
  12. Hahaha nice sig ^
  13. They will just ask for ID, If you look too young.
    Most gas stations dont care, unless there a bunch of people in the store and its obviouse your too young... They will ask for your ID and then tell you no we cant sell to ya.

    You cant get in trouble for attempting to purchase something your not old enough to... Its the cashiers decision to sell to u or not.

  14. It just counts as a tobacco product, same way a bong is until there are traces of illegal drugs on/in it.
  15. Nah man, YOU wont get in any trouble for trying to buy a pipe UNDERAGE.... sorry if i put you out there.

  16. ive heard that the cops around here would just take it from you, even if its unused
  17. If they dont find drug's in or around the bong/pipe/whateverthefuckyougot then they cannot take it, if they do thats fucked up but hey, they are the law right? heh.
  18. You must be living in a really terrible neighborhood if your local gas station is selling paraphernalia. That being said, don't buy one and instead invest in a car or a bus ticket to get your ass out of that neighborhood.

    P.S. The bus ticket is mildly metaphorical.
  19. Where do YOU live that pipes and what not are not sold at local gas stations (usually texaco's, shell's and small headshop slash gas stations).

  20. I can't say I can blame them, it's not right, but it's what i would prolly do in the situation.. They're prolly just pissed that they couldn't nail you for something more.

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