Can a hybrid clone that produced seeds ...split their lineage from the original hybrid parentage?

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  1. Can a hybrid clone that produced male and female seeds, when pollinated produce seeds that split their lineage from the original hybrid parentage? That seems to be what happened to me. I had a Ghost OG clone that produced a male and female seed. I grew them and pollinated the female with the male pollen. It gave me a lot of seeds. I kept 2 female plants i grew from the seeds and now in veg state they look like completely different plants.
    My friend says it's cause people that grow are stoners and get the seeds mixed up. Ha. I really did take care to keep the seeds separate. What do you think the work of nature or stoner?
    ps: hope i'm in the breeding is the right group[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. #1 = fat fingers = indica leaning
    #2 = skinny fingers = sativa leaning

    Working with regular photoperiod seeds any combination is possible which is what you did. Every seed is a slightly different mixture of genes and will express as such.

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  3. [​IMG]
    its called Drift..! as you have already back crossed your OG now

    at F1, at each back cross you are undoing the original breeders work

    what you get is anyones guess

    see: Mendelian inheritance - Wikipedia

    good luck
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  4. You just got different phenotypes of your new plant. You could grow out those phenos and back cross them to isolate one if you like
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  5. thanks for all the info folks. Obviously i'm a clueless newbie with seeds. A lot to learn. Just would like to learn to grow my own seed, i see it's more complicated than brushing some pollen on a female.

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