Can a heavy indica dominant plant...

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    Hey GC, just wondering if a heavy indica dominant plant can flower under 18/6 or even 20/4 or 24/7 light? Reason I ask is because I have some hashplant that is mostly indica and my mother who is about 2 months old has began flowering at 1 month old along with the clones I have cut, and have stopped all vegetative growth. Rather than focusing on rooting, it continues to shoot pistils everywhere. They are not an autoflower variety so I'm kinda stumped as to how I will be able to keep a mother of this stuff and my other heavy indica strains

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  2. What time do you have your lights on now?
  3. 24 hours now, originally 18/6, bumped to 20/4 with no difference

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  4. Where did you get the mother from? If it was seed I guess it's possible its mother was accidently pollenated by an auto?
    Interesting mystery... :confused_2:
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    Did you not make plans when you decided to have a mother, and eventually separate them out into different lighting areas :confused_2:
    No, your plant won't produce a full flower cycle, it's preflowering...
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    Yes of course I made plans, I have 3 cabs, one for my mothers and clones, my mother cab was originally 18/6 then 20/4 now 24 7, so I don't even know why you are trying to ask if I've made plans, when I clearly have stated I started off with 18/6 which is a veg light cycle...

    It is bc hashplant so mainly an indica and it certainly is not just preflowering considering it has stopped all vegetative growth and has started flowering and producing a bunch of THC on the leaves... And all my clones do not focus on rooting, instead they are shooting pistils everywhere and began THC production, even now. So please don't say it can't happen when it is happening lol. They are flowering like her sisters are in the flowering cab, but without all the stretch

    They have not been crossed or backbred with an auto either, its a pure BC hashplant strain. I know the breeder, and he doesn't even run auto's, and he is stumped also

    I have taken two more cuts last week. And had to toss them since it was budding nearly immediately after the cut was made, and could not support the plant without any roots.

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    sorry I misunderstood your original post :)
    do you have some pics you wanna throw up of your ladies? it's sort of arbitrary to your post...I just always like to see new growth (as do others here) [​IMG]
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    Its all good haha, didn't mean to give any attitude either, if it came across that way :p

    These are pics from two or 3weeks ago. I'm at work right now so I can't take new pics, however, it has progressed more than just hairs sticking out on my mother, and she's actually starting to form bud at those two bottom shoots, rather than it stretching up and growing a few inches so I can take a cut. It hasn't grown any new vegetative growth. And instead some narrow leaves that are covered in sugar.

    And as you may or may not be able to see thanks to my horrible camera, is that the clones themselves are starting to flower lol. The tops of my mother has calyxes that are shooting about 20 white hairs and many have started to brown and recede, while the calyx swells, and same with clones. My oldest clone is about a month old, maybe a bit older now and kinda covered in THC now, with a bunch of brown receded hairs lol. It honestly makes no sense to me because they for sure are not autos, and the breeder I got them from has two mothers about 7 times the size of mine lol

    I have done a bit of root pruning to see if that would help, with some fresh coco for the bottom so the roots can grow into it. It wasn't root bound yet, but I'm sure the pruning will help a bit. I'm trying to bonsai her

    I really like the genetics that's why i wanted to keep a mother and cut clones off every few weeks, so in hoping 24/7 will help revert it back to veg lol, if jot off to the flowering room she will go

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  9. Well for those that care/ are interested, it appears 24/0 has reverted my clones back to veg growth. So to answer my own question, it does appear that a heavy indica dominant plant can and will flower under 18/6 or even 20/4 with some strains, but not under 24/0.

    My mother still hasn't reverted back, but I think since the clones did, she will turn around soon.

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  10. If you had them on a 24/0 or 20/4 schedule then flipped them to 18/6 it may have made them think days were getting shorter and started flowering
  11. I actually did the opposite, went from 18/6 and increased the daylight, and they continued to flower even under the 20/4 lighting.

    Now it seems all is good with clones, mother still budding a bit, probably will take a few days to revert

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  12. If your friend with the hash plants you got these from is stumped. maybe you just got some weird genetics and keep cloning rather then try a new plant.  Ask your breeder if s/he encounters the same genes.
  13. My friend is the breeder, and says he's never had these genetics flower under 18/6, he said it could be due to my LED but said it more likely due to some dormant gene in the mother or father. Possible ruderalis genes in one of parents could be an option too, however he does not run autos so if that is the case then the seedbank which he bought the original seeds from many moons ago were not of the greatest genetics, not really sure, we both are kinda stumped. I'm glad my clones reverted back, hopefully mom does too

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  14. I would look into getting a different mom if that's the case. will save a ton on power bill.  
    I'm actually looking into growing that plant. 
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    I'm only running 180W in my mother/ clone cab, doesn't even put a dent in a bill compared to my gaming PC, 400HPS and 540W LED lol.

    I have some Super Lemon Haze, Kush Berry, Kush Northern Lights, Kush Skunk, Jack Herer, and Big Banger also as mothers. About to cut some clones and move them into the flowering cab to make room for my new seeds :)

    I loved how tight the growth was on this hashplant mother, hence why I wanted to keep it. Its node spacing is actually unreal before it began flowering. Hoping one of my clones can be kept as a mother in the future since this one may not revert

    EDIT: and by the way, hashplant is awesome. I buy a QP off my friend every now and then and man that stuff just knocks ya out, lasts a while, and so much resin, hoping these can be the same quality

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  16. Here's the Kushes and some of the clones :)

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