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Can a GC/MS detect synthetic urine?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by miztokealot, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. I have seriously looked all over the internet looking for the answer to this question. I cannot find out if a GC/MS can detect synthetic urine (quick fix 5.7 to be exact). I called and made sure that I have a real batch, and I got my drug test information from my future employees today when they called to offer me the job.

    The test that I am taking is going to be through Labcorp. All i know is it is a Web COC (which from my research means an unregulated test) and that it is a urine test.
  2. Day 2 anyone? I have until friday to take the test.....

    I'm probably looking more into it than this...but this is an amazing job :(
  3. they usually do the GC/MS if you piss hot for something and they want to know what it was exactly

    like if you take valerian (herbal supplement) to help sleep or with anxiety, rarely you will piss hot for benzo's but then if you said you hadnt taken any but you do take valerian, they would do the GC/MS and discover indeed that is the case

  4. Well sirsog, I'm going to be using Quick Fix Plus 5.7. Called and verified the batch number already.

    I'm just concerned because it's at Labcorp, it's a 10 panel urine test, but I don't have a COC form (they are using some sort of web chain of custody form?) so I don't know exactly what the test is going to be. I've been researching online about labcorp and everything, and I'm fairly certain my employer paid for the GC/MS testing to be done.

    I got an email with the info for the test, when I had to take it, and that it was a urine test, but that was it o-o
  5. This is only the second time I've ever had to drug test in my life, and this is my first time substituting....

    Is there any legal repercussions if I get caught?
  6. id assume if they do one you are pretty screwed lol but i cant say for sure.....

    those are designed to tell you exactly what it is though, and synthetic urine, isnt urine... but im not sure at all

  7. if it just for a job, no lol
  8. GC/MS or Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry used to identify different substances within a test sample. Monkey Whizz, Monkey Flask, Monkey Urine by Serious Monkey Bizzness is the way to go. It replaced the Go Number 1 and it works great..Guaranteed.

  9. Hey, so did you pass? I just had the exact same test and subbed.
  10. did you pass?

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