can a female plant produce seeds if there is no male

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  1. Hi I have just finished one and noticed there were a few seeds but I dint think they produce them with out a male and there were no male 100% can some one help cheers
  2. well as far as i know .. female plants can produce a couple seeds.. like 10-30% in my guess . Cuz i buy bagseeds that are seedless weed but when i grind it with my fingers i found 1 or 2 seeds some times.
  3. Is there a chance that it turned male late into flowering if it got stteesed as I can remember when I had a cock up were my bulb blow and I dint no and it most of been in the dat for at least 36 hours befor I relised
  4. could have stressed the plant yes, maybe it turned into a hermi. Hermies produce seeds too
  5. Is a hermie were it has both sexes and is there a chance the pollen has gone on to the other females I have
  6. Yes, a hermie has both male and female flowers, and the pollen from the male flowers can pollinate the same plant's female flowers and/or other females' flowers.

    In some strains if the female is unpollinated it can produce a few stray seeds without pollination as a survival mechanism.
  7. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  8. If anyone within a mile of you had a male plant, it could have pollinated your plant. Pollen carries really far on the wind, as that's how the plants reproduce in nature. Or it could have hermied, like the others said. If you grow out the seeds in the future, be extra careful for hermies just in case.
  9. Having an inconsistency in your lighting can cause herm.
  10. It probably hermied homie
  11. I get em from time to time. Its usually on the lower buds due to less light there. Its a very good indication that you did not harvest too soon. Alot of pot is picked too early
    but you did good. Those seeds won't sprout though.

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