Can a fan cause lime/light green leaves??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by boombata, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I am starting to think that my fan is the issue behind this plant being stunted or not growing rapidly. Also, it seems only the the newer sets of leaves are dark, then they fade to light green eventually. The fan has been constant blowing within inches of the top of the sole plant. The leaves edges are not dry or brittle as I have seen before, the water uptake was normal. every 4-6 days I would water depending on weight & moisture meter. I created a vent & a ledge in the pot, 2 inches from the bottom to place the moisture/ph meter too. the vent/ledge is on all 4 sides, equidistant.

    Can you all tell me what excess fan/air/wind etc symptoms look like please?? I am working on posting pics as soon as my girl gets back from work....
  2. what kind of light source are you using for growing
  3. I am using 4 42 watt cfls, 2700 lumen ones. I am in 3rd week of 12/12. FF soil & nutes, molasses was intro'd last week. I cant explain the light green to yellow on some leaves eventually otherwise. I know the soil & nutes have nitrogen, i gave molasses for minerals & other nutrients. I have used these 42watters 4 other times before. I have never used these genetics before is the thing. was from white rhino bagseed.
  4. that will do for plant growth,what size pot
  5. the only bad thin about too much fan is extra energy spent on stalk development.
  6. the pot size is 10in at the top, i mentioned it was 8" before in another thread, it is actually 10inches at top. The pot is way bigger than necessary. I started with a Large yogurt container, only watering the edges. I switched to the big pot 2 weeks before 12/12ing. The root ball was perfect.

    all i know is i have grown solely with fox farm soils & nutes before. the nutes are def there. i even added molasses to ensure the micronutes were there. the room temp is about 75degrees(ambient), the closet is never above 80degrees. it goes to about 72 at night time too.

    my issue is the 42watters are placed as such: 1 on top with a dome reflector, 1 on each side at 45degree angle but the back wall, which is painted flat yellow. (I find the buds are better with yellow walls than white, I tried both in the same closet. flat white reflects 80-85, yellow is like 80-83%. I read that somewhere. I made reflectors out of mylar, cardboards & fuzzy pipe cleaners. ) I am a big proponent of not using mylar/foils etc for reflectivity on an entire box or wall. they reflect better, but also RETAIN heat better. that is unacceptable to me. any advice is appreciated. The top 5 nodes all have multiple lovely flowers now. the bottom most sites are starting to grow upward now, I am debating upon cutting the soon to redirect energy upward. I will post pics tomorrow, girl got home too late & i cant access now.

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