Can a doctor detect THC when taking blood

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  1. Hey GC, next week On Monday I'm gonna get surgery on my jaw because of my big ass underbite. my parents have always been suspecious about me smoking weed but I've always denied it. So now I'm worried that when the doctor takes blood that he will detect THC in my system and tell my parents. And I have been smoking alot of dank lately. Do y'all think the doc will notice the THC in my blood?
  2. the only way he will notice it is if he tests for it
  3. First of all, if you 18+ he cannot tell your parents anything about you without your consent...Doctor patient confidentiality :wave:
  4. Jesus, is this REALLY so hard to figure out? Seriously, OP, are you 12 and this is your first time having blood taken or something?
  5. he dont give a fuuuuuuuck that you blaze anyways :smoke:
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    Lol, I guess I'm just paranoid From all the bud I've been smoking.
  7. Stop being a pussy and tell your parents already. And dont be a pussy about it either! They'll sense it. Use your grown up voice lmao.
  8. Yes, but instead of telling your parents, he will call the cops and they will take you to jail.
  9. Why in the fuck would he call the cops and I can't just confess to my parents cuz first off their not white and second if I Did I will end up a broke ass pothead with no where to live so I plan on quiting soon and starting college.
  10. He was trolling you. My parents aren't white either. I'm just glad i figured a way to control my life. Sucks for you.
  11. No, really - are you 12? I can't believe you actually fell for that....
  12. I mean seriously. What world do you think you live in OP?

    Go to the doctors for a stomach flu. They do some routine check ups, take my blood, etc.

    Doctor: Omg mary... look! This kid has THC tracings in his blood! He totally smokes pot! I think im gonna tell his parents

    Nurse Mary: I think you should. This would be totally funny.

    Doctor: I know right? [​IMG]

    Yeah. Unlikely.
  13. You didnt hear? They made weed illegal. If its in you, its still possession.:wave:
  14. yo man when i was at the doctors this week my doc said to me 'hows everything in general, you okay?'

    i said 'yeah i'm avoiding tobbaco and smoking more weed'

    he grinned and i live in England.

    moral: don't worry everything is confidential. he wouldn't risk losing his job over your habits. its illegal but they have no reason to pass it on to the police.:rolleyes:
  15. i love how no one really answered..
  16. What do you mean no one answered? It was answered with the first reply yo.
  17. At least I got a couple of answers everyone else criticized everything I said.
  18. Simply teasing. But it should be common sense if you're 18 or older.
  19. It's was a stupid question and I was stoned out of my mind when I posted it, but at least I got sum legit answers
  20. Does a bear shit in the woods?

    Of course he will detect THC .. only IF he has a reason to test for it.

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