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can a cop come on my porch if im smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DTwnvrlfthbghl, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. there's a police station a block away from my house, and cop cars are constantly driving by. i spend a lot of my time sitting on my porch facing the street smoking a bowl or joint. no children, no neighbors about, really just minding my own business. im not worried about the cops, ive never been too concerned about getting caught. i was just wondering, if im sitting on my porch minding my own, can a cop driving by decide he wants to be a dick and come give me problems? if im smoking a joint, he woulld have to come up on my porch before he could even ascertain whether or not it was really weed and not tobacco.

    im sure this will never happen, but some of my friends are a little sketched out by smoking on the porch. as far as im concerned, as long as it only 1-3 people, no noise, no complaints, no kids, etc, there should be no problem, right?

    this is a "nice" neighborhood and though ive heard the cops are dicks ive never had a problem with them. i think its mostly the drunks.
  2. I really doubt it unless you were smoking a bowl. From the street a joint just looks like a cigarette, and even if the cop somehow doubted it was a cigarette in the 3 seconds it takes to drive by, I again doubt he'd bother because you're just sitting on your porch minding your business. Not worth the stop basically.
  3. can they? of course, regardless of protocol I don't doubt it has happened before. Will they...probably not. Surely they have more pressing matters

  4. More pressing matters than making money for their borough? Possesion charges are easy money, and although he won't be able to see what you are smoking, he will be able to smell it. Smell is probable cause for a search, even though you aren't in your house but you're still on private property. Also, plain sight is another example of probable cause. Smelling weed and seeing a joint in your hand gives enough suspicion for a police officer.

    Or maybe they won't care. Ohio is decriminalized, but I don't think that gives you permission to openly do something illegal. If I was a cop, I would give out a ticket just for the arrogance. Doesn't mean every cop will react that way, there are cool cops and it helps that it is deciminalized, but if they need an easy ticket that won't put them in harm (versus a traffic stop where you have to worry about traffic hitting you or the person pulling a weapon on you)

    From Wiki:

    Just because running a stop sign is not a felony, doesn't mean a cop won't pursue it if it means an easy $100 fine for their police department. Will he with cannabis? I don't know. It's always risk/reward. You say you don't have neighbors, so why not go out back where you are secluded. What reward do you have from smoking out in the open, I only see risk. But that's just me, I would rather never ever have to deal with a marijuana charge, even if it's a slap on the wrist or small fine.
  5. Ive smoked on the porch as a cop was patrolling the neighborhood...
    he didnt stop, but Im sure some would if they suspected anything.
  6. chances are they wont. however, smoking weed is illegal and if they see you smoking, they can search you and stuff. and the smell can linger, but only for a couple mins max id think since u are outside, depending on the design of your porch
  7. Yes they could, they could even enter your home without a warrant if they see you smoking from a pipe/bong through the window.

    Just be careful and remember its not about what your doing exactly its about what the police suspect your doing. If they suspect your smoking marijuana they have every legal right to take action.

  8. ...don't they put people to death in Texas for praising Jesus the wrong way? :eek: :eek: :p
  9. Yes they can.. why would they not be allowed to walk on your porch?

    They need a warrant to go INSIDE your house, but your porch is fair game. Now if they see you smoking a bowl and you run inside, then they do not need a warrant to chase you inside. The real question is whether or not they actually will take the time to stop.
  10. Load your bowl with tobacco go out there close to the road and start hitting it(don't inhale) cop will stop to see if your smoking that evil substance called marijuana. He will find out its just tobacco and probably never stop by again since your only smoking "tobacco"..... Win
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  11. eh... its your property, plus i don't think any cop would bother coming up on your porch if they're crusin around in their cruiser

    if youre really nervous, roll up a stealth spliff or something, or keep a bag of rolling tobacco near you so you can just say its a hand rolled cigarette lmfao
  12. I'm pretty sure it's illegal for cops to come on private property unless called
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  13. Wrong. all they have to have is "probable cause"

    and we all know cops like to stretch "probable cause" to cover a lot of things.
  14. Well if that's the case, just don't hit the bowl with a cop driving by..
  15. thanks for the info guys. yeah, im not concerned, its my fucking porch, ill smoke weed on it if i like. i was just wondering.

    there are neighbors on one side of the house and around the back. the porch is toward the street and pretty out of sight. the only other alternative is sitting in my car or going in the garage where there is no place to sit, and id rather be in the sun.
  16. Your good.
    Cops came up to me once while I was in the porch smoking a dankity dank j they smelled it saw it. the only thing they said was sorry for disturbing you. lol
  17. can we get pics of porch?


  18. They most certainly can not. At least not in my state, in my state smell isn't even probably cause for a house search. They can not enter unless you invite them in or they come up to your door and smell weed when you open the door.
  19. If a cop "COMES" on my porch, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I'S MAKE HIM CLEAN IT UP !!!!! :eek:
  20. WAIT! if a cop DOES start coming to your house you tell them to wait, back off of your lawn and you will come talk to them. If you think he's coming for the joint put the joint in the house, and come back out and walk over to him. So then what's he gonna do? Nothing, you smell like weed not ur house. Now he can't really do anything.

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