Can a CLONE do better than her MOM ?

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  1. The ? comes cuz of these reason, I bought a mix pack of GreenHouse and the only seeds that survived are WhiteRhino n ArjanHaze#3, the Rhino is not doin so good like she has some genetic disorder, BUT and I have make an exclamation mark very BIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a clone 7 days ago and it has AN AMAZING ROOT SYSTEM btw ADVANCED NUTES r the responsible for that (Not to make promo but what's GOOD is GOOD, why not share the GOODNess) and that CLONE is ready for transplant I really PROMISE that (I don't like to swear), with that being said could be possible my clone will have better genetic than MOM ? I got to say MOM started really good and along the way, CAPUT but these clone is not an ordinary clone has BIG ROOTS coming out the jiffy pellet and the are thick at some point I tought it was a MANGORooT ! lol anyway if one the ExperienceGrowers here can help me with that ? THANKYOU :D
  2. Thanks fellow growers for the advice, if this is the support you show here, no wonder legalization looks like FairyTale ! Thanks anyway, for what ?IDK but, regardless I'm nice guy !

  3. Always promote the nutes you use. Always good to know which products work the best.

    By-the-way, FF's Big Bloom is an awsome fert that my plants seem to like a lot.
  4. if it really is a genetic disorder then it will have the same issue a the mother.

    from what it sounds like that clone will work out just fine. be sure to hit us back with some pictures. by the way nothing personal but if you talked that way in real life, i would find it odd, if not kind of SCARY. I don't know what posting on the GC has to do with legalization either. it's not like you're starting a political rally and nobody has showed up.
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    Well the comment did something, you reply, that's the idea, isn't ? But yes I will let you know if the clone thrive for what ever reason so far, she is looking good, but mom did the same when it sprouted, well see and thanks.

    p.s. that post was created under heavy effects of Hydro, lol My inspiration goes thru the roof !
  6. Yeah It's the idea. good to know it's thriving, keep it up and post pics if you found any.

    thanks for not taking offense to that, I might have been grumpy (im on a diet).

    I haven't heard any one call buds "hydro" since I was in the middle east three years ago.... they said that's what it's called because besides brown hashish, there's little grass going around and what there is called 'hydro' and runs around $20/gram

    you wouldn't happen to be from the middle east? or europe? who calls it hydro?
  7. how are you growing the mother? it sounds like the plants grow great in the jiffy peat what are you transplanting them in?

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