Can a bud stay bright green and get properly cured?

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Can you keep a bud bright green and still properly cure it?

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  1. This is probably discussed in these forums but I can't find the precise info I'm looking for. So here is the subject.

    So if the curing process is to let chlorophyll and starches reduce how can a bud stay bright green with the chlorophyll greatly reduced through a proper cure?

    Fast dried buds stay green but, as I understand it, curing stops when the bud humidity drops below 45%. So putting fast dried bright green buds in a jar does not cure them, correct?

    I have friends who get excited when they get some bright green super-tight buds because they think it's better than properly and gently cured dull colored semi-fluffy buds. I think they are getting fast dried, compressed for transport, terpene doped buds from a commercial producer.

    I'd love thoughts on this subject and thanks in advance for them.
  2. Depends on strain, but yes.
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  3. Just played poker with another grower I haven't seen in a year. The stuff I brought was either purplish or dark green. The stuff he brought was all bright green. Some of the bright green tasted ok, some tasted harsh and hay-like. PotStrainsForBackPains nailed it. Mostly depends on the strain. But a lot depends on how the cure went too. I think the color depends on more than just the chlorophyll.
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