Can a 90W LED UFO really replace a 400W HPS?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by unclemick, May 21, 2010.

  1. Good morning all!
    I need to add some light to my room. I am thinking about adding a 90W LED UFO to a 2' 4 lamp T5 to flower a few plants. I will use the T5 for side lighting and hang the LED above the plants.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance!

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    No it can't. But I'm tired of ppl comparing led to hps. I want a true led, to cfl comparison.

    I'm interested in replacing my cfl lights with leds, because hps would be far too hot.

    I'm actually just waiting for my student loan before I do a side by side comparison. same strain, 2 box's; One with 210w cfl, the other with 180w led. 2 plants per box.

    Sounds badass I know, but won't really know results till this fall. I get my $$ for the leds in about 3-4 weeks so...

    I'm spending about $450 on 2 high output 90w led ufo's from hydro store.
  3. I like the amount of light you'll use. Keep me in the loop when you do your journal.

    I've got 6 cuttings flowering SOG-style under my 2' 4 lamp T5HO unit. It's just not enough light. I bought a 90W 7th generation LED UFO. It's on the way. I may just dump the 2 Super Lemon Haze cuttings. I have 4 more LA Woman cuttings. The SLH have really stretched while flowering under the T5. The SLH is unruly and I really like the LA. It is an awesome buzz!


  4. let me know how you like that UFO. I have not made up my mind on what LED to go for yet.
  5. Hey there,

    I am new to indoor growing and I was wondering how t5 is working out for you.

    I cant use HPS or MH, I want to avoid being detected, and it is pretty damn hot too.

    How much energy consumption are you seeing after 18hr 30 days?

    WHat other additions besides cfl lights should i be considering?

    How should I mix my red and blues?

    I was thinking 6 blue 2 red for veg

    and 6 red 2 blue for flower

    And this is all 6-8 plants t5 54w 4ft 8 bulb.

  6. LED's work well but don't expect the claims of the Mfg.
    I look at any claim as a partial statement, sure politicians will
    promise to lower tax's for your vote, then when elected they
    keep there promise by lowering tax's for everybody making more
    than $200,000.00 a year.
    None of the LED Mfg. are claiming there light is equal to a 400w for growing cannabis, they might equal there claims growing something else like lettuce or cilantro, which they do a fantastic job with cannabis in vegging but so does less expensive lights like T-5's.
    I do grow with 2-126w HGL LED lights that I supplement with CFL's, I tend to feel I jumped the gun when I see CFL grows getting close to or better yields than my LED's by them selfs.
    Its been a very good learning experience about grow lighting and what makes them work, I would not get these LED lights again, I would use T-5 H.O.'s or CFL's and get as much if not more bang for my buck, if you check out Irish's latest 600w LED grow that is a great LED light - as with many things you get what you pay for.
    There are so many started & abandoned LED grow journals or completed that
    speak for themselfs.
    My best advise is stay with T-5 H.O.'s or CFL's, learn to deal with what little heat output they give off & wait out the LED technology vs. $$$$. Vs. Plasma lighting technology, when Plasma begins to dominate the grow lighting market LED will have no choice but to become competitive price wise.
    Here are some good T-5 grow links and such
    And here's a taste of some plasma
    Post #18, thats my next grow light :)
    I have some pics of my LED grow in my gallery.
  7. I agree , rumple did a great job. but he used equil power and i still think hps is the best by far for flower and speed. buying 2 180 watt ufo's would be 3-4 times the price of the 400 hps. I have experience with led and its not good. my ufo just qiut with less than 1000 hrs on it and it was never acceptable for anything other than vegging and i would call that adiquite for 1 plant. i have bought a 200w cfl to replace it.
  8. i would highly recommend any LED light from this website The GlowPanel LED grow light - led grow lights -Sunshine Systems

    I got a 14 watt led grow panel and within an hour of putting it in my tent, they starting leaning towards that panel, no matter what position i put it in...which defiantly means the plants like it....i got it for a little bit cheaper on, so i would recommend a LED grow panel for sure, even if you don't want it to be your main light, you can just put it upright on its side to help fill in the lower buds and buds that dont get as much light..its the shit.

    Good luck!!
  9. I think it's been shown they're great for veg. It might even be better than a MH. But it just doesn't stack up to the higher wattage HPS systems.

    There's somebody doing a 600w LED system grow on here. Maybe that'll change my mind but for now my money is on HPS.
  10. I bought the UFO used so I guess I need 6 weeks or so with it and then "Hello, Ebay"
    I have to button up my grow this summer as I don't have A/C in my grow area and my wife is uptight about growing. Right now, I have 5 fans going trying to keep the area cool. Thus the LED purchase, no heat!
    Thanks to everyone for all of your insight and help!

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    Thank you so much for this info. I was on icmag and do believe ppl were talking about your led grow there. I'm not trying to thread jack here, but if we all learn something then that is great!

    I was just setting up to get one 126w led from hgl. I had just finished a 12/12 from seed experimental grow, just to see if I had what it took, and if conditions in my box were good enough to go start to finish.

    My girl was just one large bud, or a little more than an eighth, and even though the top cola is fairly dense, the smaller buds are not. The heat from the 105w cfl that I have is also more than I expected. I was really hoping this 126w led would give me at least 2x's better results than my cheap cfls. But if your saying that is a no go, then I'll just buy more cfls, and enclose them in the top of my box with separate ventilation. $475 is far too much money to spend to have someone with a GOOD (not bullshit) cfl setup get as good of results.

    It's no wonder NONE, NOT ONE LED PRODUCER makes any claims vs. a cfl equivalent. And really they would make a lot more money appealing to cfl growers than hps growers (who obviously have conditions where they CAN use hps).

    btw- Just sampled a nug from my 12/12 grow that has been drying for last 3 days and OMFG :eek: Good flavor, NOT harsh, and GOT ME RIPTER than ever before. :D
  12. The answer to the overall thread question is a resounding 'NO!"

    I completely agree. I think in terms of value LED is a poor choice. IMHO, CFL's will do the same quality job for pennies on the dollar. I sold it used on eBay and took a vicious loss. The reality is I learned a valuable, albeit expensive lesson.

    Have faith!

  13. I'm running a 300watt GLH LED (the younger brother of the one IrishBoy used) for two plants and so far it's doing great. LEDs have a bad name because 1) This tech is very new and a lot of early market products were more proof of concepts than anything 2) people believed or were misled into thinking that less watts is okay.

    I don't know how my grow will turn out but I can tell you that a successful LED grow has a very expensive startup cost and you need just as many actual watts if not more than a CFL or HPS grow. Also, it's a good idea to still use some CFLs because a lot of these LED systems have a handful of selected wavelengths. Although the GLH has something like 12 I just want to be safe a have as full a usable spectrum as possible.

    My guess is that LEDs are the future for closet growers but us early adopters are really paying the development costs of this still very young technology. If you want to grow LED make sure you've seen several grows that have results your are comfortable with... So far very few products meet that criteria alone... Not even to mention if your on a limited budget.
  14. I have a 600 watt bd700 from black dog led, 15 spectrums with uv/ir, 3w leds, and it grows terrific, veg and flower, great trich production, fast flower times, bud production great all the way down (just had my best cola so far, 17 inches long and 4.5 inches in diameter from chemmando which is mendo purps x chemd/og). MXgrower, on another forum, gets 1gpw from ufo's, so for all you naysayers, you need to learn how to grow before you talk crap about led's. I'm not getting 1gpw, but I am averaging around .75gpw, which is not too bad at all, I can accept that! My trichome production has been terrific on everything I've put under the light, from bagseed to Killer Queen F7's, doesn't matter. It cost a lot, but I feel the quality of the finished product makes it worth while - nice tight buds on plants that should have nice tight buds, lower popcorn finishes when the upper budsites do, it just grows well! I wish I could switch it between red/blue for veg/flower (I got the flower model) because I'd like to switch back to blue towards the end of flower, feel it helps with tightening of the buds and finishing trichs out. You guys have a good one!!
  15. I have a 90w UFO 2w UFO...great for veging, and beginning of flowering then it lost it legs. Added a Blackstar recently and plants back on track. I would suggest the newer UFOs that use more wattage.

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