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Can a 150w Metal Halide Bulb go into a 150w High Pressure Sodium Sun System Unit?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by washmo, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Can a 150w Metal Halide Bulb go into a 150w High Pressure Sodium Sun System Unit?

    I ask because I just bought a 150w HPS Sun System and the guy at the Hydro Shop said that it should work just fine since it's a lower wattage.

    He explained that if it was higher than 150 watts, it would not work due to the mechanism that continuously fires in units higher than 150. He said that it could possibly burn out the MH bulb quicker though.

    If the above makes sense to you, please explain a little better. Thanks!

    ***I know this is a lighting question, but I've posted questions like this before in the 'correct' place and hardly get any responses.***
  2. It all depends on the ballast. Is the ballast built in?
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    Yep. Digital ballasts support both bulbs. If you have a magnetic ballast (more likely) than you need an MH conversion bulb.
  4. this is not correct... not all digital ballasts are switchable, just like not all magnetic ballasts are switchable.. do not put a MH lamp into an HPS fixture unless you know damn sure that it is a switchable ballast. the igniter in the ballast is wired completely different for each one. i have been a commercial electrician in the state of texas since 02, and trust me on this, make sure the ballast is switchable first or you take the chance of messing up the lamp, ballast, and possibly catching your house on fire or electrocuting yourself with several hundred volts.
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    I was replying yep to the person above me ...not to the op. Most new magnetic HPS ballasts can use an MH conversion bulb. The igniter is in the bulbs on the conversions.
  6. a conversion bulb is a whole different critter. and the only mag ballasts that can run hps and MH are switchable, meaning they have 2 igniters coming off of the transformer. open a "switchable" magnetic ballast up and look for yourself.
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    Thats why I mentioned conversion bulbs in my post. I don't have a switchable magnetic ballast...I have an HPS ballast and I have an MH conversion bulb. It works.
  8. Thanks everyone!

    Yeah, my knowledge about how these HIDs work is very low.
    Hopefully the specs in the pic I took will help answer your questions.

    The last thing I want to do is cause a fire or damage this expensive device.

    Thank you all so much for your help with this!

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  9. you're going to need a mh conversion bulb if you want to run a mh in the first place. i have seen several all hps grows on this site.
  10. Just go HPS all the way through. I did that because the MH bulb put out alot more heat than the HPS bulb. At 150W that might not be a huge issue, just something to consider. Conversion bulbs also cost a bit more than regular bulbs.
  11. I read an article in Cannabis Culture that said that too, now that you mention it. That's awesome! (Guess my memory doesn't want to work lol:smoke:)

    Will I need any supplemental lighting? Such as fluorescence to add more 6500K spectrum?

    Does anyone have any links of successful grows start to finish with 150 HPS? I just wanna look at the pics, so I know what to expect for yields.

    You guys are awesome! Thanks! :D
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    My grow is 400W HPS start to finish. I know it is more wattage, but you can see what kind of space I'm working with and compare it to yours. Check out my journal in my sig.

    How many plants and in what kind of space? I think 150W is enough for 1 maybe 2 plants. Beyond that I would recommend supplemental lighting. This new HPS bulbs have added blue spectrum so you really don't need anything else. They will veg great and flower beautifully.

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