Can’t tell. Male or female plant?

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  1. Hey friends.... i am having a heck of a time with this plant... I can’t tell if it’s a male or female. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. the third and final picture has balls, not sure about the others

    id say male
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  3. yep male it is ,,mac,
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  4. Oh ya dont ya know! Tis a male
  5. Actually idk if it's a Male per say could be herm most males have balls very tip top before belower knodes do.
    Hermaphrodites are sneaky that way they shoot em out in random spots.
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  6. Just wait until there is no doubt. LOL

    <-- has room in the yard and when I grow standard photoperiods I'm never in that much of a hurry and i'll do a little lower branch pollination while I've got a male or two. Chop the near open top off and keep him in a clear plastic bag in side for a week as I did with this one 2 years ago.

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  7. Thanks for the help everyone! Cut him down... don’t want any males this round :)
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  8. Hey buddy I got a question if your into breeding a bit since I think we can hijack this thread now.
    I bought 100 autoflower seeds from queen seeds direct sowed into 5 gallon pots outdoors june.
    After 50% of the seeds popped of course.
    Only 43 out of 100 survived the germination period.. very very crap..
    And a portion of the 43 were small you know how it goes...
    So here is my question.. next year should I buy 800 seeds for a few thousand bucks and plant with expectations of 400 making it. ..
    Or should I buy a handful of unfem autos toss em in a closet under basic conditions for the winter and breed my own 800 seeds with plans of half being Male?.
    It's the same thing right.. even if I relocated to a legal state for the winter just to grow my fucking seeds for next year it would still be cheaper than buying them online again like that..
    The question I guess is is it really that easy to breed seeds "quality seeds". Good enuff quality to hinge that kinda opp on?
    Furthermore how many seeds do you average per however you wanna measure it... insight will be appreciated
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  9. hi there @NPK 50-1 50 .thats not a very good germination rate,,,, i dont know much about auto .but reckon Sweet seeds Autos to be very good they have good collection of autos too ,,,and sell seeds in packs of a 100,,give them a look see ,,they have been making Autos for years now ,,although i think their autos are all fem autos ,,mac,
  10. That plant is not showing sex yet, when in doubt move it away from your other fems and wait until u see a cluster.. it may not have been a male
  11. you can clearly see that the plant was showing sex in the third picture.

    it was an obvious male.
  12. Everyones got their opinions my friend if u chop down plants going off that as pic as a male good for you.. my comment wasnt aimed to correct yours lol cheers
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    this ^ is your thread right?

    a month ago you didn't know how to spot gender...and now your going around telling others that it ISNT showing sex when it clearly is... but yea your right NPK/Brass/Mac and Myself are probably all wrong.

    @Tocahontas good call on chopping it.
  14. Turned out to be female lol those were just new leaves just had to give it time.. ive only grown about 12 plants since then, 4 males so im no expert but ive learned and seen alot in a few months im just trying to help the guy out.. yall get all offensive and shit.. lol
  15. I know you just had to give it some time, and I know those were just new growth/shoots, thats why everyone told you to wait and not chop it.... I'm not sure why you pointed this out, thats great it ended up female though?

    anyway. have a good Wednesday dude

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